Aldi makes big changes to fruit and veg sold in UK stores from this week

Aldi fruit and vegetables

The packaging will be removed from popular fruit and vegetables

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 06/09/2023

- 13:28

Updated: 11/10/2023

- 15:32

Aldi will update how some fruits and vegetables are sold

Aldi shoppers will soon notice changes to their fresh produce as the supermarket makes changes to be more environmentally-friendly.

From this week, all packaging will be removed from some products.

Garlic, limes, lemons and oranges will be the first items that this is trialled on.

Previously sold in packs, they will only be available loose.

Aldi fruit and vegetables

The new loose produce will be trialled in select stores


The trial for garlic and limes will take place in select stores in the North East, Cumbria, Yorkshire, the South East and London.

Some shoppers in the East of England, the East Midlands and London will see loose garlic, limes, oranges and lemons.

If it is successful, it could be rolled out in all Aldi locations.

This would remove 94 tonnes of plastic packaging if it was seen in all stores.

Aldi already offers loose options for some fresh produce.

Items such as potatoes, peppers and avocados can already be picked up individually.

Plastics and packaging director at Aldi Luke Emery said: “At Aldi we are committed to removing plastic packaging wherever possible and we are constantly reviewing ways to make a real difference.

“By trialling these packaging-free produce lines, we hope to help customers cut back on unnecessary plastic when shopping at Aldi.”

Outside Aldi store

The changes could be rolled out to all stores


This is one of many changes the retailer is making to cut back on waste.

It announced it will remove all single use cutlery from stores, which was previously available with food to go items.

Shoppers are encouraged to use their own reusable cutlery.

Doing this will mean a reduction of 10.5 million wooden forks.

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