The unhealthiest areas in the UK named - full list of locations

Peterborough city centre

Peterborough was named the unhealthiest city

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 23/08/2023

- 10:24

A study looked at factors such as air quality, dietary patterns and smoking habits

The quality of life and general health can vary greatly from one UK city to another.

New research has shown the areas which are the healthiest and least healthly in the country.

The study, carried out by health and wellness expert at, looked at different factors to give areas a score out of 100.

It looked at Air Quality, Smoking's Limited Impact, Dietary Habits, Mental Health's Nuanced Role, Importance of Physical Activity and Obesity's Widespread Grip.

Derbyshire lake

Derbyshire was among the healthiest areas in the UK


South Hams, located on the south coast of Devon, was shown to be the healthiest area with a score of 80 out of 100.

The percentage of people who eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day stood at 67.5, and 76.3 per cent of inhabitants are physically active.

South Lakeland was a close second with an overall score of 78.1 out of 100.

It reported high air quality and very low numbers of people with kidney and liver disease at 0.6 per cent.

On the other hand, Peterborough was voted the least healthy area, scoring just 40 out of 100.

This was due to low air quality and nearly 60.7 per cent of its popular have a BMI considered overweight or obese.

Unhealthiest areas in the UK 2023

Peterborough (Score: 40)
Gosport (Score: 50.9)
Portsmouth (Score: 52.1)
Liverpool (Score: 52.6)
Kingston upon Hull (Score: 53.5)
Knowsley (Score: 54.4)
Gloucester (Score: 54.8)
Blackpool (Score: 55.2)
Nottingham (Score: 55.9)
Great Yarmouth (Score: 56.5)
Harlow (Score: 56.8)
Lancaster (Score: 57.1)
Hammersmith and Fulham (Score: 57.6)
Southampton (Score: 57.8)
Hartlepool (Score: 57.9)
Melton (Score: 58.1)
York (Score: 58.1)
Telford and Wrekin (Score: 58.2)
Sandwell (Score: 58.9)
Mansfield (Score: 59.1)

Liverpool city centre

Liverpool was voted among the least healthy areas


Healthiest areas in the UK 2023

South Hams (Score: 80)
South Lakeland (Score: 78.1)
The Derbyshire Dales (Score: 76.3)
Eden (Score: 76.2)
Richmondshire (Score: 76.1)
Royal Tunbridge Wells (Score: 75.5)
Richmond upon Thames (Score: 75.3)
Sevenoaks (Score: 75.3)
Waverley (Score: 75.1)
Harrogate (Score: 75)
Elmbridge (Score: 74.1)
Rutland (Score: 73.9)
Allerdale (Score: 73.6)
Craven (Score: 73.4)
West Oxfordshire (Score: 73.4)
Bath and Northeast Somerset (Score: 73.2) West Devon (Score: 73.1)
Hambleton (Score: 73.1)
North Hertfordshire (Score: 73)
South Oxfordshire (Score: 73)

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