CBB viewers fume at ‘predictable’ twist and claim ITV ‘rigged’ Louis Walsh nomination vote

CBB viewers fume at ‘predictable’ twist and claim ITV ‘rigged’ Louis Walsh nomination vote

Celebrity Big Brother Colson Smith gets upset over 'boring' comment

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 18/03/2024

- 22:11

Celebrity Big Brother will crown its winner on Friday evening after three weeks of drama

Celebrity Big Brother fans were left furious on Monday night and claimed ITV had planned to keep Louis Walsh in for the final all along.

After waking up to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, Fern Britton was called to the diary room where she was presented with a pot of gold.

Big Brother told her: “Fern, as you can see, you have just found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That means you’ve been granted one wish.

“The biggest wish of all. You must choose one Housemate to be evicted today. You must secretly place this snake on their pillow. Nobody can see you do this.”

Britton was left stunned but quickly came to a decision that it should be Walsh to be evicted and placed the plastic snake on his pillow.

As all the housemates gathered in the bedroom, Big Brother told them: “This is Big Brother. Housemates, there is a slithery intruder in the bedroom. Housemates must find it now.”

Fern Britton

Fern nominated Louis to be evicted from the house immediately


Upon finding the snake on his pillow, Walsh was left disappointed that someone in the house thought he was a snake.

Kicking off the next round of nominations, Walsh was the first to be called to the diary room, where Big Brother asked: “Hello Louis. Are you feeling lucky on St Patrick’s Day?”

He bluntly admitted: “No. I’m not honestly. Not after being called a snake. I’m not a snake.”

Delivering the brutal twist, Big Brother explained: “Louis. Earlier today, a Housemate found a pot of gold and was granted a St Patrick’s Day wish. They were told that they must evict one of their fellow housemates.

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh was given immunity for tomorrow night's eviction


“By placing a snake in your bed this housemate chose you to be driven out of the house like St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland.

“However, today, St Patrick’s Day is on your side, look in the hatch in front of you and see what’s there. Louis, this four-lead shamrock means you have the luck of the Irish and will not be evicted.

“Instead, you have won immunity from the next round of nominations,” leaving him to reply: “Somebody’s trying to get rid of me.”

Viewers of the show were left furious that Walsh had been saved once again after causing drama and tension within the house.

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh has been saved from eviction


Taking to their X accounts, one commented: “This was planned from the beginning Louis was always making it to the final. There was no way Louis was going.”

“Big brother not wanting Louis to go #CBBUK what a faff over nothing,” one noted, as a third expressed: “Me waiting to see the producers for fixing Louis getting to the final.”

Another slammed: “How much money is Louis paying ITV to keep him in as long as possible?! More lives than a cat!”

“This is so obviously being fixed to keep LOUIS WALSH in - immunity & St Patrick's Day celebrations geared up for him. The show is shite,” one quipped.

A sixth jibed: “They're really rigging it for Louis, aren't they? I suspect he was very close to being evicted last time.” (sic)

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