Jon Bon Jovi issues blunt reason why he’s still ‘not in contact’ with Richie Sambora despite upcoming doc

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Samba

Bon Jovi touched on fractured relationship with Richie Samba

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 18/03/2024

- 18:05

Jon Bon Jovi and former bandmate Richie Sambora have not been in contact with one another for 11 years

Jon Bon Jovi – real name John Francis Bongiovi Jr – has revealed the reason he and Richie Sambora are still not on speaking terms despite the pair set to appear in an upcoming documentary, Thank You Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,

The band Bon Jovi was formed in 1983 and stormed the music industry for over 30 years but were left stunned when their lead guitarist – Sambora – left the band in the midst of their world tour in 2013.

Bongiovi and Sambora are set to both star in the upcoming Hulu production, but there’s no chance of a reunion as communication between the two remains stalled.

With the four-part docuseries about the band set to be released in April, Bongiovi recently spoke out about their fractured relationship.

“We’re not in contact because he’s not in the organisation any longer,” he told Ultimate Classic Rock, before adding he had “nothing to do with” Richie’s involvement.

“They interviewed Richie in London. I wasn’t there. I had nothing to do with it.”

Bon Jovi

The four-part docu-series takes a look into the bands success


Bongiovi did add that he still had “love” for his former bandmate and explained that it “doesn’t mean there’s not love forever.”

The Livin’ On A Prayer star previously told People magazine back in 2016 that Sambora was a “wonderful friend” and added: “I’m never going to bad mouth the guy.”

Sambora also previously opened up about his decision to leave the band in 2020 and also told People: “It wasn’t a popular decision by any means.

“Obviously, but there was really almost no choice about it. Ava (his daughter) needed me to be around at that point in time. Family had to come first, and that’s what happened.”

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora

Jon Bon Jovi opened up on why he and Sambora still don't speak


Bongiovi is set to release an album titled Forever later this year and had hoped to treat his fans to another tour, but his recent vocal cord surgery could have ended his plans to do so.

“It is my desire to do a tour next year but I’m just still recovering from a major surgery. Although I’m well on the road to recovery and was able to take my time and do a song a day when I made the record.

“My need, want, desire is to be able to do two-and-a-half hours a night, four nights a week for months on end. And so I’m working towards that goal,” he told Mix 104.1 Boston.

During a panel for the docuseries, he discussed the details of his surgery and said: “One of my vocal cords was literally atrophied.

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Samba

Bon Jovi touched on fractured relationship with Richie Samba


“Your vocal cords are supposed to look parallel, or let’s pretend that they are as thick as a thumb – one of mine was a thick as a thumb and the other one was as thick as a pinky.

“So, the strong one was pushing the weak one aside, and I wasn’t singing well.”

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