Stephen Fry 'threw up five times a day' after shedding 5st following new trend: ‘Got sicker and sicker'

Stephen Fry 'threw up five times a day' after shedding 5st following new trend: ‘Got sicker and sicker'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 21/03/2024

- 10:18

Updated: 21/03/2024

- 10:18

The actor shared his experience with the weight loss drug Ozempic

Acting and broadcasting legend Stephen Fry has become the latest in a string of stars to open up about their experience with popular weight loss jab, Ozempic.

The 66-year-old graphically detailed how the drug had him throwing up “five times a day” as he warned against the new trend.

Fry explained how the results of Ozempic were “astonishing” at first as the pounds shed instantly, but he was candid in explaining the side effects.

The Blackadder star said he was an "early adopter” of the jab, which first became available in the US and Canada in 2018 to treat diabetes and obesity.

“I tried Ozempic years ago; I'm an early adopter of these things,” the broadcaster admitted.

He continued, according to the Mirror: “I happened to be in America, and I'd read about it, and I asked my doctor in America, my physician as they like to call them, and he said, ‘I think I can get you some'."

Stephen Fry

Fry said the jab left him 'throwing up five times a day'

GB News

Fry added: “He tried me on it, and the first week or so, I was thinking, ‘This is astonishing. Not only do I not want to eat, I don't want any alcohol of any kind. This is going to be brilliant.’

“Then I started feeling sick, and I started getting sicker and sicker and sicker. I was literally throwing up four, five times a day and I thought, ‘I can't do this.’ So that's it.”

Fry is cited as claiming that at his heaviest he weighed around 290lbs but managed to lose 5.5 stone following the use of Ozempic

Other famous faces who have talked about their use of the jab include Sharon Osbourne and Amy Schumer.

Stephen Fry

The broadcaster is the latest famous name to talk about the weight loss jab


Osbourne, who has been making headlines lately for starring in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, recently confessed: “I don’t regret it. Everything with weight with me was, ‘I want it now.’

Speaking on Loose Women, she added: “The injections that I was on worked, but it just seems that now I can’t put anything on really."

Her daughter Kelly Osbourne also came under fire recently when she was branded “out of touch” for defending the weight loss injection.

The use of Ozempic has been met with some backlash lately as the injections are supposed to be to aid Type 2 diabetes, but celebrities’ use of it for cosmetic reasons means supplies for those who need it for medical use are running low.

Stephen Fry

Fry said he tried the jab a few years ago while he was in America


Speaking in January, at Dolly Parton’s Pet Gala, Osbourne branded the weight loss drug as "amazing".

According to E! News, she added: “There are a million ways to lose weight, why not do it through something [that] isn’t as boring as working out?”

On the controversy surrounding the drug, she went on: “People hate on it because they want to do it.

“And the people who hate on it the most are the people who are secretly doing it or p**sed off that they can’t afford it.

“Unfortunately, right now it’s something that is very expensive but it eventually won’t be because it actually works.”

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