Sharon Osbourne sparks concern as fans spot distracting feature in 'painful' ITV CBB exit interview

Sharon Osbourne sparks concern as fans spot distracting feature in 'painful' ITV CBB exit interview

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 13/03/2024

- 11:44

Several of Sharon's fans spotted a notable change in her behaviour on Tuesday night

Sharon Osbourne has left several of her fans concerned that she's "scared" of the aftermath her stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house may bring.

After her time as a guest lodger came to an end on Tuesday, Osbourne joined AJ Odudu and Will Best to go over her time in the house but the 71-year-old's behaviour and conduct during the interview caught the eye.

So much so, that fans fear the reality TV icon may not have realised just how much of her gossiping inside the house made it to screens and that the repercussions could negatively impact her.

Osbourne seemed happy and lively when she first joined Odudu and Best after exiting the house, providing wordy answers and an upbeat demeanour.

But fans spotted a shift in her conduct when her "best bits" played out, which showed her and Louis Walsh gossiping about Simon Cowell, calling Anna Wintour the "C word", and other no-holds-barred takes.

Osbourne even gestured she'd put her foot in her mouth as the Cowell segment played out and when the cameras returned to her, Best and Odudu, the atmosphere turned frosty.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne relived her best bits after her Big Brother exit


Odudu and Best also clearly spotted Osbourne's change in behaviour as they probed her on whether she thought her conversations would make it to air.

"I thought, 'They'd never air it!'" Osbourne admitted. "It was so negative, so mean."

Osbourne then began providing short and, at times, one-worded answers to Odudu and Best's probes.

At one point, Odudu asked Osbourne about her stint as a celebrity lodger: "Were you ever tempted to spill some of what you'd seen?"

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"No," Osbourne replied and when pressed further, she simply shook her head.

When asked how Walsh will cope in the house without her, Osbourne also simply answered: "Lauren's gone, I'm gone, but I think Fern (Britton) will take care of him."

Osbourne delivered another startled reaction when Best suggested Walsh would have to start being nicer to Britton after he'd made a series of derogatory comments to her.

"Oh, that hasn't gone out, has it?" Osbourne asked before she fell back in her seat in anguish.

After minutes of stern-faced responses and seconds-long retorts, Osbourne eventually reunited with her daughter Kelly as the interview was brought to a close.

And soon after, social media was flooded with fans quick to admit they'd been distracted by the sudden shift in Osbourne's manner.

"Oh I think Sharon’s p***ed off. Kelly looks worried to #CBBUK," one person said before a second concerned fan weighed in: "Sharon looks a bit scared that some of those things got aired on #CBBUK."

Another spotted the change as they commented: "Sharon looks scared that some of those things got aired lmao. #cbbuk."

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne left fans concerned she didn't know what she was in for


While a fourth felt Osbourne was "overwhelmed": "AJ and Will are doing well considering Lauren and Sharon seem overwhelmed tonight and aren’t engaging with any of their questions #CBBUK #CBBLL."

However, others suggested the reason for Osbourne's "painful" interview was because Odudu and Best's interviewing techniques were at fault.

"Was looking forward to that interview with Sharon but i thought that was dreadful from AJ and Will," one person argued. "Poor Sharon looked bored having to answer some of those mundane questions. They are just not cutting it for me #CBBUK."

A second agreed: "I like AJ and Will but they are making a pigs ear of this interview with Sharon. Read the room! #CBBUK #CBBLL #CelebrityBigBrother." (sic)

It isn't just Osbourne who's caused a stir with her comments as Walsh also came under fire following Tuesday's show for comments he made about former X Factor act, Jedward.

Walsh branded the Irish twins as "vile", a comment which has led the pop singers to provide an equally savage response.

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