Sir Rod Stewart claims former friend Donald Trump ‘turned into a monster’ after wife Penny Lancaster gave stern warning

Sir Rod Stewart claims former friend Donald Trump ‘turned into a monster’ after wife Penny Lancaster gave stern warning

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 04/03/2024

- 17:30

Sir Rod Stewart and Donald Trump were once good friends but it seems their relationship has come to a bitter end

Sir Rod Stewart has slammed former friend and 2024 Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, branding him a ‘monster’ after his disrespectful and dated views on women.

The Maggie May singer and Trump became friends when they were neighbours in the Palm Beach area of Florida.

After growing close to one another, Stewart was invited over to Trump’s lavish parties and balls, often performing personal concerts for those who attended.

Despite the unlikely duo being friends for decades, the pair have now drifted apart, leaving Stewart to blast the presidential hopeful.

He explained that he used to spend Christmases with the former The Apprentice USA boss but it seems he won’t be performing for the Republican any time soon.

“He’s not the guy I met 20 years ago… I used to go to his house every Christmas and do concerts. He was a good guy. But he’s turned into somewhat of a monster,” he told the Daily Mail.

Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart

Penny warned Rod about Trump's comments towards women


This isn’t the first time that Stewart has lifted the lid on his broken relationship with Trump, where he previously explained that his wife, Penny Lancaster, had put him off being close to the politician.

He told Scottish Field magazine last year: “I have a house in Palm Beach just up the road from Trump. I used to go to his Christmas party and the balls he held.

“But my wife said ‘no’. There was stuff he was coming out with, what he was saying about women he had known in the past, and Penny said ‘you’re not going – he’s a disgrace’.”

Whilst being friends with Trump, Stewart admitted that he didn’t agree with his politics and didn’t think he was a good president to run America.

Donald Trump

Rod Stewart claimed Trump wasn't a good president


In 2018 he explained: “Is he a great president? Nah. I think his moral compass is way off. But on the other hand the country’s doing extremely well.

“Although, I believe part of that was down to president Obama – the country was starting to do great anyway, he’s just carrying it on.”

Later this year, Joe Biden and Trump will likely go head to head in this year’s US Presidential Election on November 5.

Stewart packed his bags and returned to the UK with his wife to live in an Essex mansion last year – but that didn’t stop him from commenting on politics in the US.

Rod Stewart and Donald Trump

Rod has slammed Donald as a monster as their friendship ends


When asked recently whether it was time for a new third part in the UK, the singer replied: “Yes. Without a doubt. We’re screaming for a third party. This is what America wants too. You’ve only got Trump again over there.”

Taking aim at his assessment of the state of affairs in the US, Stewart hit out: “Biden is too old to defend himself.

“Trump will kill him – I mean, verbally kill him – when they come up against each other [in debates]”

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