Rod Stewart taunts Biden as 'too old' as he makes damning prediction for US President ahead of Trump face-off

Rod Stewart taunts Biden as 'too old' as he makes damning prediction for US President ahead of Trump face-off

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 20/02/2024

- 00:02

Updated: 20/02/2024

- 09:04

The 79-year-old has taken aim at the US President

Iconic rocker Sir Rod Stewart has waded into the world of US politics by sharing his rather honest thoughts on Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Biden, 81, and Trump, 77 will likely go head to head in this year's US Presidential Election later this year on Tuesday, November 5.

Stewart has spent much of his life in the spotlight living in the States, soaking up the luxurious Californian sunshine at his home in LA while performing countless shows in Las Vegas.

However, last year, Stewart ditched Hollywood due to its "toxic" culture and returned to the UK where he lives in his Essex mansion with wife Penny Lancaster.

The move back to the UK hasn't slowed Stewart down, however, with a new album alongside Jools Holland in the pipeline.

He's also shared his thoughts on UK politics in recent weeks - stating Starmer and co deserve a chance in power - and now he's turned his attention back Stateside.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been backed to 'verbally kill' Biden by Rod Stewart


In a new interview ahead of the release of his new album with Holland, the Maggie May singer was asked if it's time for a new third party in the UK.

He promptly replied: "Yes. Without a doubt. We’re screaming for a third party.

"This is what America wants, too. You’ve only got Trump again over there."

Pulling no punches with his assessment on the state of affairs in the US, Stewart hit out: "Biden is too old to defend himself.

Rod Stewart and Jools Holland

Rod Stewart and Jools Holland spoke to Radio Times


"Trump will kill him – I mean, verbally kill him – when they come up against each other [in debates]."

Stewart then harked back to UK politics as he added: "But, yeah, let’s give the Labour Party a chance. We’ve had three Prime Ministers that the people haven’t voted for. That’s totally wrong.”

Elsewhere in the interview with Radio Times, Stewart also took aim at the coverage US news outlets such as CNN and Fox put out to respective viewers.

Lauding the UK's approach to news coverage, the singer said: "One great thing about this country unlike America: our TV channels are all neutral. And they tell the truth.

Rod Stewart has blasted Joe Biden

Rod Stewart has blasted Joe Biden for being 'too old'


"They don’t in America. CNN is anti-Trump, Fox is pro-Trump – or, it was, I don’t know where it stands now."

Biden isn't the only public figure to find themselves in the firing line of Stewart in recent weeks.

As well as politics, Stewart has been sharing his less-than-pleasant verdict on one popular artist in particular.

Earlier this month, Stewart sparked an unlikely feud with Thinking Out Loud singer Ed Sheeran, describing the chart-topper as "old, ginger b******s".

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