Nigel Harman speaks out on Strictly exit as he's left in tears in first interview since show-ending injury

Nigel Harman speaks out on Strictly exit as he's left in tears in first interview since show-ending injury

WATCH NOW: Nigel Harman and Katya Jones in tears during Strictly exit interview

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 02/12/2023

- 20:40

Updated: 03/12/2023

- 10:16

The Casualty actor appeared on Saturday's show to explain why he had to leave

Nigel Harman has broken his silence on his premature Strictly exit after he was forced to leave the BBC competition through injury.

Speaking to Claudia Winkleman alongside partner Katya Jones during Saturday's show, Harman revealed all as he clutched onto his ribs.

Explaining what caused the injury, Harman told Winkleman: "I was leaping off a rostrum and was about to be caught by some very handsome men and as I flew I was Peter Pan but when I landed I was in A&E.

"I've done something to my rib basically, and it's quite painful and I'm a little bit high on painkillers as well but I'm having a lovely time."

Harman and Jones shared a chuckle before Harman continued: "I've loved it and I am loving it, it's too soon to say loved.

"This hasn't really sunk in...I've been avoiding Kat all day because that makes it really real."

Katya Jones and Nigel Harman

Nigel Harman injured his rib during rehearsals


Jones - who sparked concern after fans spotted a worrying trend following the interview - soon weighed in: "It's quite hard to talk right now, I'm not going to lie. But I have absolutely loved every moment of us creating magic on a dance floor.

"I know the reasons you did this was for your daughter and your parents and especially missing out on this number, I know your parents would be very, very proud of you.

"I hope you got something out of this that you're going to cherish forever in your broken rib."

Harman reciprocated his partner's kind words as he said: "Kat, the only reason I'm standing is because of all the work you've put into me.

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"You turn up every day with hundreds of ideas, you challenge me, you push me, you support me, you make me laugh... but most of all, you're just part of me now."

Jones became visibly emotional and Winkleman only made matters worse when she showed the pair their highlight reel.

As the cameras returned to the duo, both were crying as Winkleman put a supportive arm on Jones while the crowd applauded.

With Harman no longer in the competition, it means there will be no public vote this weekend.

Instead, Annabel Croft, Ellie Leach, Bobby Brazier and Layton Williams will have their Musicals Week scores combined with next week's scores and the public vote will reopen next Saturday.

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