Farage 'comes across well' as I'm A Celeb and ITV Loose Women star admits Nigel has 'surprised' her


Nigel Farage has made it to the final FIVE on I'm A Celebrity

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 08/12/2023

- 12:04

Updated: 08/12/2023

- 18:43

The GB News star has made it to the final five of I'm A Celebrity

Former I'm A Celebrity star and Loose Women panelist Linda Robson has admitted she's been "surprised" by Nigel Farage in the jungle during an exclusive interview with GB News.

Farage has had more than his fair share of talked-about moments in the jungle and while ITV faced boycott calls prior to his stint, Robson has admitted "he's come across well".

Speaking to GB News on behalf of altindex.com, Robson admitted: "I am surprised he's still in there, I just didn't think he would last that long and he's come across well, he's done every trial he's been asked to do.

"You know, he can be a bit grumpy sometimes, but he's come across alright."

Robson was also full of praise for Farage and his campmates for their behaviour camp as she knows all too well how tricky life in the jungle can be.

She said of the rest of the cast and her initial thoughts on the line-up: "I didn't have a clue who Sam (Thompson) was. I've never seen him, I never heard of him before.


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"(But) he's just been the life and soul of the jungle, he really has.

"I kept thinking Tony Bellew was going to knock him out," Robson chuckled. "He's just like jumping on him all the time but they've actually got a really good relationship now as well.

"So I think out of the whole jungle...I've liked everyone," Robson admitted. "I loved Jamie Lynn (Spears) as well.

"I didn't know what I was gonna think of her but she came across really, really well. (She was) very caring and worried about her kids all the time, which is all I worried about when I was in there."

Farage in the trial

Nigel Farage hasn't backed down from facing the trials in the camp


Despite praising Farage's performance in the camp, Robson thinks the title of King of the Jungle may be a step too far.

"I think definitely Sam or Tony or Josie (will win). They're my three favorites now," Robson said. "Although it's been hard because they've all been lovely!"

While Farage has clearly endeared himself to viewers by making it to the final five, his time in I'm A Celeb hasn't been without its controversy.

He's been embroiled in clashes with Nella Rose about immigration, Fred Siriex about the EU and Tony Bellew about Brexit.

ITV also came under fire for the amount of airtime it was giving Farage earlier in the series after it was reported a discussion about Donald Trump was omitted from the broadcast - although a spokesperson hit back at the time: "We are a 60-75 minute Entertainment show and the content featured is a fair and accurate representation of life in camp."

Linda Robson

Linda Robson exclusively shared her thoughts on this year's I'm A Celeb


Robson defended I'm A Celeb for its editing process as she shared her thoughts on the airtime debate: "I don't think they set out to do that on I'm A Celebrity.

"It's not like Big Brother where you have to be really careful what you're saying 24 hours a day.

"I don't think on I'm A Celeb they set out to ruin anyone's career or whatever. I think most of it is quite light-hearted."

With the finale just a few days away, Farage has been backed by the likes of Derek Chisora and Harry Redknapp to win the series - but he needs the public's votes in order to do so.

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