Farage fans rejoice as Fred AND Nella both booted from jungle after rows with GB News star: 'Love to see it!'

Farage fans rejoice as Fred AND Nella both booted from jungle after rows with GB News star: 'Love to see it!'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 06/12/2023

- 09:07

The GB News star has made it to the final seven of I'm A Celebrity

Nigel Farage fans have taken to social media to express their joy at seeing the former Brexit Party leader and GB News presenter outlast the likes of Fred Siriex and Nella Rose.

Both axed I'm A Celeb stars found themselves at loggerheads with Farage throughout the series but the public have had their say and decided to keep the former politician in the jungle.

While Rose and Siriex did manage to live amicably with Farage in the camp, the former's staunch views on immigration and the latter's Brexit complaints meant they never saw eye to eye with Farage.

Earlier in the series, Rose - who snubbed her first TV interview after leaving the jungle - even sparked a racism row among ITV viewers when she asked Farage: "Why don't black people like you?"

And Siriex also faced the wrath of Farage when he branded him "shameful" and criticised Brexit not once, but three times on air.

The fact Farage has outlasted both was cause for victory among his fandom who took to X, formerly Twitter, to celebrate the GB News star's progress.


Farage and Fred Siriex had several clashes in the camp


"Remoaner Fred is next out of #ImACeleb. Nella gone too. Nigel Farage is still in. You love to see it," one fan penned.

Why a second pointed out: "On the basis that @Nigel_Farage is still in the jungle, more of the British public like and agree with him than care to admit #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity @imacelebrity."

A third similarly celebrated: "Nella and Fred, the two... who try and condescend Nigel, have now gone. Nigel is the winner #NigelFarage #ImACeleb."

While a fourth weighed in: "Brexit hating Fred has been kicked out! Au revoir. #NigelFarage once again has the last laugh, first Nella now Fred, cmon Nigel! #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity."

Farage top undone

Farage let loose in the Jungle Arms on Tuesday's I'm A Celeb


"Just woke up. Ohhh it's FREDXIT. Fred went before Farage, who'd have thought #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHer," a fifth added while a sixth implored: "Fred/nella both talked s**t to ant & dec about farage after being voted out.

"Time to get all the 17m brexiters voting every night for nigel farage to spite the biased woke ITV, fred sirieix, nella rose. It'll have long term benefits to UK politics too #NigelFarage #ImACeleb." (sic)

Farage will be hoping to remain in the camp beyond Wednesday's elimination and you can vote for him in a number of ways which you can read more about here.

Both Rose and Siriex were quizzed about their relationship with Farage by Ant and Dec in their respective exit interviews.

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And while Rose branded Farage as an "amazing person" but couldn't align herself with his views, Siriex was slightly more brutal.

When asked if Farage had changed his way of thinking, Siriex replied: "No. It hasn’t. It was great in the camp because Nigel is a doer, we could work together, we can collect wood and water.

“There is a side to Nigel Farage that I can’t connect with and I never will connect with."

Ant and Dec probed if Farage had “brought him round to his way of thinking”, to which Siriex emphatically responded: “No. Not one bit.”

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