Nella Rose screams over Ant and Dec as she's ELECTROCUTED in I'm A Celeb trial amid viewer backlash

Nella Rose takes on trial

Nella Rose takes on tonight's trial on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 21/11/2023

- 11:00

Updated: 21/11/2023

- 11:03

The YouTuber is taking on the trial No Time To Cry in Tuesday's episode

I'm A Celebrity star Nella Rose is sent into an underground lair in Tuesday's episode of the ITV series as the YouTuber takes on yet another Bushtucker Trial.

Fresh from the success of the eating trial with GB News' own Nigel Farage, Rose is taking this task on solo - and a sneak peek shows she'll find it rather tricky.

According to ITV's teaser of the trial, "security in the lair is seriously over the top and the further she goes the tougher the tests get".

In a preview clip of the trial, Rose can be seen on her hands and knees scuttling through the maze in an attempt to bag the stars for camp.

"What can you see?" a calm Ant asks Rose but she doesn't reciprocate his cool manner as she yells back: "Where is it?!"

As she enters a small section covered in spiders, Rose continues to scream: "Can you help me, yes or no?!"

Rose spots the star herself and has to use the magnet on her wrist to guide it in her bag - although she's stopped in her tracks by dangling electrical wires.

The I'm A Celeb star screams as she's shocked by the wires and thinks she's being bitten, prompting Ant to try and explain.

"Nella..." Ant says but is soon drowned out by Rose's screams, prompting laughter from the Geordie presenting duo.

"It's electric shocks, you're just being electrocuted," Ant explained to a screaming Rose before he spotted she'd managed to get the third star in the trial.

Fans will have to tune into tonight's episode to see just how Rose gets on and if she is able to bag all 10 stars for camp.

Since her introduction in the show's first episode on Sunday, Rose has already proved a divisive figure due to her reactions to the tasks presented to her already.

In the launch show alongside Farage and Josie Gibson, Rose screamed and refused to put her head into a "hell hole" when she saw snakes were inside.

The animated behaviour kept coming during Monday's The Jungle Pizzeria when she and Farage had to tuck into gruesome dishes in order to bag stars for camp.

What's followed is backlash from some viewers at home who've slammed Rose's behaviour and persistent screaming, with one X user hitting out: "Another trial of Nella screaming through the entire duration of it, I’ll have to mute tomorrows episode #ImACeleb."

Nella Rose and Nigel Farage

Nella Rose and Nigel Farage took on their first task together in the Outback


"Who ever is voting for Nella please stop….. I can’t bear her screaming again for another evening #ImACeleb," a second agreed.

Elsewhere, a third echoed: "Oh for gods sake, another trial of Nella's screaming. Why are people voting for her? #ImACeleb."

And a fourth concurred: "Nella is actually quite funny when she's not screaming her head off constant #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb."

However, Rose's fans have rushed to her defence amid the backlash, including one I'm A Celeb viewer who argued: "Everyone hates hearing Nella scream but they’re voting for her? #ImACeleb."

And a second defended: "Why are people so triggered by nella like im sorry but if ur annoyed at her screaming why are u voting her to hear her scream more its funny #ImACeleb #Nella #Nigel #Trial." (sic)

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