Martin Lewis rips apart BBC Question Time over Fiona Bruce response to enquiry: 'What decade is this?!'

Martin Lewis rips apart BBC Question Time over Fiona Bruce response to enquiry: 'What decade is this?!'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 24/11/2023

- 11:18

The Question Time host faced a question about Home Secretary, James Cleverly

Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis has unleashed a furious rant at the BBC's Question Time following Thursday's edition of the topical debate show.

Lewis's anger arose after Fiona Bruce heard a question from a member of the Stevenage audience who brought up James Cleverly's remarks about Labour MP, Alex Cunningham.

Cleverly was accused of branding Cunningham's constituency of Stockton as "s**t" but he later refuted the claims and instead said his expletive comments were aimed at the MP - to whom he's since apologised.

Before Thursday's episode drew to a close, an audience member put to the panel: "As we're talking about standards in public services, is it then appropriate for the Home Secretary this week to be quite so derogatory about a member of the opposition?"

Bruce replied: "So that's a whole other topic. What you are referring to is James Cleverly who was heard, he was accused of talking about Stockton, I think it was, and calling it..."

The Question Time host took a breath as she thought out loud: "I don't know if I can say this word on television, can I? Someone in my ear tell me if I can..."

Fiona Bruce

Fiona Bruce was told she couldn't swear despite being past the watershed


The show's producers told Bruce she couldn't repeat Cleverly's use of language as she explained: "No, I can't!

"They're saying no I can't say that word, he (allegedly) said a very rude word to describe that place, it's beginning with an S.

"He said he didn't say that and he was actually referring to the MP and he's apologised for that."

With time running out on the show, Bruce concluded: "Yes, that's a whole different subject but let's - I can't even say the word, I'm just gonna leave that there... and our time is up!"

After witnessing Bruce being shut down from saying the word "s**t", Lewis took to X, formerly Twitter, to take aim at the Beeb.

"Why on earth would BBC producers say Fiona Bruce cant say 's**t' on #bbcqt way after the watershed when it's a crucial word to explain one of today's news stories?" he ranted. "What decade is this?"

And the financial expert wasn't alone in his criticism as another X user similarly fumed: "Dear BBC, please stop being so embarrassingly coy about saying 's**t'.

"We're not all seven. We no longer expect the Famous Five to be on after the news. Didn't even say it on #bbcqt last night, grow a (f***ing) pair!! #r4today."

The Question Time audience member

The Question Time audience member wasn't impressed with James Cleverly's remarks


Another questioned: "Why can't Fiona Bruce say s**t at 11.30 pm #bbcqt."

While a third viewer weighed in: "Has sensitivity and unwillingness too often become so extreme that you can't say 's**t' on bbc 1 at 20 to midnight? #BBCQT."

And another shared a rather poetic response: "Why wouldn’t they let Fiona swear? Much worse is said without care. When I get invited on for my rhyme, I’ll swear blind the whole dam time. #bbcqt." (sic)

GB News has contacted the BBC for comment.

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