Louis Walsh fiercely defended amid 'bullying' row as ex-ITV CBB star wades into debate

Louis Walsh fiercely defended amid 'bullying' row as ex-ITV CBB star wades into debate

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 07/03/2024

- 20:30

Jess Impiazzi starred on the series in 2018 and came fourth

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Jess Impiazzi has given her verdict on Louis Walsh’s behavior after he was slammed for “bullying” Lauren Simon.

Impiazzi starred alongside Anne Widdecombe, Shane Lynch and Shane Jenek who won the series and was the only housemate in her season to have never been put up for eviction of receive a single nomination.

During Tuesday night’s show, Walsh walked into the bedroom and demanded that Simon get up off of the double bed as he claimed: “It’s mine! Up, up up.”

Fans were also furious with Walsh after they claimed he “body shamed” Ibiza Weekender star David Potts for wearing shorts upon his arrival to the show.

Speaking to GB News on behalf of BetVictor Casino, Impiazzi defended Walsh and claimed his direct approach and seemingly harsh judgment is part of the generation that he came from.

When asked whether he would either get himself cancelled or make a new name for himself, she explained: “I just think people have always enjoyed watching Louis, especially on the X Factor when it was the panel.

Jess Impiazzi

Jess starred on the show back in 2018


“The old school version when they were in the room and I think that is his character. Either love him or hate him but he is the older generation and I think we get so caught up in ‘How disgraceful this older person is doing that’.

“But as we go through generations things change and they don’t catch up as quickly to the 19/20 year olds.

“We as a society need to be a bit more lenient on that, times change and what you have grown up with is going to be your perspective.

“It is great to have open conversations and get other perspectives but I love Louis, I think he is brilliant and even the bed thing, it was a bed, give him the bed he is the older generation. It’s not that deep.”

Gary Goldsmith

ITV has been slammed for their singing of Gary Goldsmith


She added that she experienced a similar incident with the beds when she was in the house after India Willoughby wanted the bigger bed but so did Widdecombe.

The former glamour model explained they overcame their issue by allowing Widdecombe to have the bigger bed because she was older than the rest of the housemates.

Whilst Impiazzi was glad to see the housemates all getting along, outside of the house viewers were accusing ITV of “gaslighting”, due to their signing of Princess Kate’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith.

Former Big Brother star Trisha Balusa launched a furious rant on social media and penned: “So Kate Middleton's... uncle has decided to hit the ground running by slandering #MeghanMarkle with an ill-looking Sharon Osbourne.”

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh has been defended after bullying row


“Having two miserable old white people, one of whom was fired from their job for being racist, and the other one a wife beater, being hateful about Meghan Markle, isn't entertaining. Still can't believe I continue to be unfairly penalised by ITV for failed social media checks BUT they calmly give people like this a platform.

“The moral compass is easily shifted for some people Entering this industry as a black person is really something. Gaslight level was HIGH.” (sic)

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