Jeremy Clarkson slammed as a 'novice farmer' as rival farming TV show host blasts Clarkson's Farm comparisons

Jeremy Clarkson slammed as a 'novice farmer' as rival farming TV show host blasts Clarkson's Farm comparisons

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 20/03/2024

- 12:56

Updated: 20/03/2024

- 13:21

Not everybody appears to be a fan of the former Top Gear star's farming series

Clarkson's Farm star Jeremy Clarkson has come under fire by fellow TV star and farm owner Vinnie Jones.

The footballer-turned-actor-turned-farmer has issued a savage dig towards Clarkson following the release of his own farming show on Discovery+.

Clarkson took over the reins of his Chipping Norton farm, Diddly Squat, in 2019 after buying the property back in 2008.

He's documented the trials and tribulations that come with farming in Amazon Prime Video's record-breaking series - and made household names out of the likes of Kaleb Cooper and Charlie Ireland along the way.

While Clarkson and the rest of the Diddly Squat family will be back in May for season three, Jones has been enjoying life as a fellow farming TV presenter after dropping his own series, Vinnie Jones in the Country, back in November.

But when speaking about the foray into farming television, Jones was keen to distance himself from comparisons to Clarkson's Farm - issuing a brutal dig along the way.

"They’re completely different," Jones said of his rival. "Another Clarkson? No, it ain’t.

"My show’s about the countryside. It’s not about some novice who’s bought a farm," he brutally critiqued, according to the Daily Star.

It's not the first time Jones has dismissed comparisons with the Grand Tour host's show, previously telling the BBC's The One Show the two programmes are "very, very different".

And Jones is not the only famous face to issue a dig at Clarkson for his farming show - despite it already being renewed for a fourth season and bagging streaming records for Amazon.

Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper

Jeremy Clarkson and Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper help keep Diddly Squat afloat


Comedian Johnny Vegas ripped apart Clarkson's Farm for being "set up" earlier this year ahead of the return of his glamping series.

Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping returned to Channel 4 in January and Vegas - similar to Jones - was keen to rubbish comparisons with Clarkson even though both shows documented their attempts at running their respective businesses.

"This isn’t just for a TV show; this is 100 per cent an actual business," Vegas began to Radio Times.

"It really p**ses me off when people say, 'Ooh, it’s like Clarkson’s Farm', because his show is a set-up, and you can see that from a mile off.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has got two more seasons of Clarkson's Farm in the pipeline


"That (comparison) really insults me. My team and I were doing 17-hour days to get the place ready because it’s a real campsite with real customers and we couldn’t let them down."

Criticism from fellow telly makers will unlikely bother Clarkson given the bright future Clarkson's Farm has ahead of it - and the fact ITV has reportedly "given him a lifeline" in regards to his future on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Clarkson regularly continues to update fans with the latest goings-on at Diddly Squat ahead of season three, recently venting his frustration at planning snags on the farm.

Meanwhile, he's also provided his opinions on some of the hot-button issues facing the country today and just this week unleashed a blistering take on the "minefield" that is cultural appropriation.

GB News has contacted Jones' representatives for comment.

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