Jeremy Clarkson details being ‘consumed with fear’ over girlfriend as he makes brutal confession about age

Jeremy Clarkson details being ‘consumed with fear’ over girlfriend as he makes brutal confession about age

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 15/04/2024

- 08:20

The Clarkson's Farm star thought his girlfriend had made a drastic decision for his birthday

Jeremy Clarkson has admitted he was left “consumed with fear” during his 64th birthday last week.

The Clarkson’s Farm star became concerned when girlfriend Lisa Hogan explained she had planned a trip last week to mark the presenter’s birthday, which was on Thursday.

Clarkson confessed he thought Hogan was planning to put him in a care home as he celebrated his latest birthday.

Clarkson has been dating the 50-year-old since 2017, with the former actress recently revealing her hopes to walk down the aisle.

While the two have shared parts of their relationship through the journalist’s Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm, he had no idea of Hogan’s plans for his big day.

Sharing that Hogan took him on a mystery drive, he added: “It all sounded lovely, but as we plunged further and further into the Cotswolds, and she still wouldn't tell me where we were going, I became consumed with a fear that she was taking me to a care home.”

Jeremy Clarkson

Clarkson admitted he was left 'consumed with fear' on his birthday


Writing in his column for The Sun, he went on: “She didn't. But the day is coming.”

Earlier this year, Hogan hinted at her plans for the couple to tie the knot as she made a joke about their marriage.

She suggested taking the next step in their relationship on February 29, traditionally a day where women propose to their partners.

“I just thought I might surprise him,” she told The Times, adding: “Jeremy doesn’t think I proposed, but he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids, so no one will know.”

The subject also came up in a previous episode of Clarkson’s Farm, with the former Top Gear star telling Hogan: “I’ve got a big surprise for you,” as they walked through a field.

Jeremy Clarkson and Lisa Hogan

Clarkson has just celebrated his 64th birthday


However, as she continued to press Clarkson on the issue, he added: “I’ll think about the proposal, OK? I’m not ready yet.”

Clarkson’s birthday fears admission isn’t the first time he’s expressed worries about getting older.

In his The Sun column last year, he talked about his deteriorating hearing as he wrote: “It’s not that I can’t hear anything.

“If you were to stand at the bottom of my garden and whisper, 'Would you like a glass of wine?' I’d be there in a jiffy.

Jeremy and Lisa

Clarkson admitted he thought his girlfriend may have been taking him to a 'care home'


“But if you stood right next to me and asked me to empty the dishwasher, I’d just get a Garfunkelly sound of silence.”

However, in a different update, he went on to admit: “But I was told after my most recent medical that hearing loss will double the chance of me catching dementia.”

The information led to Clarkson making the decision to purchase hearing aids.

He described them as "very snazzy and extremely clever" - although he added in his Sunday Times piece he wouldn't be reading the instructions for them.

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