BBC MasterChef viewers fume as contestants unable to create classic dish: ‘That’s not a pie!’

BBC MasterChef viewers fume as contestants unable to create classic dish: ‘That’s not a pie!’

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 12/04/2024

- 22:09

Fans seemed to have the same complaint during the episode

MasterChef saw a new set of hopeful chefs return for the show’s second quarter-finals, with food critic Jay Rayner making a guest appearance.

The group were tasked with creating a pie dish, but the brief seemed to be interpreted differently by the contestants, causing viewers to blast some of the dishes.

“You are going to be cooking for a guest, renowned food critic, the one and only Jay Rayner,” judge Gregg Wallace told the aspiring chefs.

Rayner explained: “Your brief today is to make a pie. It can be sweet or savoury, but you have to make the pasty yourself, and it has to be with accompaniments.

“It’s got to be a complete thing. It mustn’t just be pastry and a filling trying to make friends.”

John Torode added: “At the end of this, three of you will go through to knock-out week. That does mean three of you will be leaving the competition. So, 90 minutes to cook for us a perfect pie.”

Jay Rayner

Jay Rayner tasked the contestants with making a pie


Speaking to the camera, Rayner went on: “I love a pie, making a pie is not easy, particularly in the short amount of time that they’ve got.

“Whatever the fillings of those pies are, they have to be complete.”

Speaking about one contestant, Haddy, Torode commented: “Her pastry fascinates me, she’s making a shortcrust pastry with butter, flour and vodka

“And the reason she’s using vodka is apparently it stops the gluten from forming. With that, we’ve got mangos and coconut balls.”

Jay Rayner and Gregg Wallace

Rayner wasn't impressed with Haddy's pie


Later, Rayner quizzed Haddy about her pie being open, to which she replied: “Yeah, it’ll be open.

“When I tried it with a double-crusted pie, the jackfruit was not the star of the dish, and I really want the flavours of the jackfruit to come out.”

Speaking to the cameras later, Rayner voiced some concerns, admitting: “I do think a pie needs a pastry lid. I’m slightly concerned that she hasn’t really met the brief…”

Viewers agreed, with many taking to social media to fume that the dish didn’t count as a pie.

“I think if they say pie and you don’t make a pie you should automatically come last. #masterchef,” one complained.

Another added: “I'm sorry but that's not a pie, it's got to have a lid.#masterchef.”


The contestants had to cook a pie that impressed the judges to make it through to the next stage


“Pie week on #masterchef and the majority aren’t pies, they’re casseroles with pastry lids. Not a pie you chancers,” another penned.

“That isn't a pie. #masterchef,” echoed another, while another commented: “That was a stew with a lid NOT a pie #MasterChef.”

“Aaron has to go through he made a proper pie #Masterchef,” someone else remarked.

“#MasterChef controversy: things without lids aren’t pies. I’ll allow a lattice - but only because it looks delicious,” another added. (sic)

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