Dominic Chinea admits 'most people don't know' as he spills huge BBC The Repair Shop secret

Dominic Chinea admits 'most people don't know' as he spills huge BBC The Repair Shop secret

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 14/04/2024

- 06:00

Dominic Chinea revealed a secret 'most people don't know'

The Repair Shop star Dominic Chinea has starred in the heartwarming series since it debuted in 2017.

While fans are familiar with his impressive work, the expert craftsman has let slip a huge secret of the set as he discussed the show, which has just started its thirteenth series.

Talking about how he got involved in the series, Chinea explained: “That's a funny one.

“We have all come from various places and different walks of life. But in my previous life, I was a set designer for fashion and TV.

“Something I think most people don't know is that I actually made The Repair Shop sign.

“I started at the barn as a prop maker and set designer for the series, I wasn’t supposed to be on the show. In the first week of filming, I think the crew found a few items that were rusty and needed metalwork, and I think somebody put two and two together was like, hang on a second - he’s quite handy. And so I ended up on the show.”

Dominic Chinea

Chinea has spilled a secret from The Repair Shop


Reflecting on his most challenging fix, Chinea confessed: “That is a tricky one, because 99% of the things that come through here are really challenging to fix, because they've been broken for so long, other people have tried to repair them, or they've tried to get them fixed, and everybody else has turned them down.

“So quite a lot of the things that we work on are particularly bad.

“And the memories that the family has with the item and the emotional significance makes it even more difficult.

“It’s so important to tread carefully with each repair, for example, the flakes of paint that are left and the scratches become so precious.”

Dominic Chinea

Chinea made The Repair Shop sign


The programme is known for tugging at the heartstrings, with viewers usually admitting they've become emotional after each episode.

The first episode of the new series this week was no exception, with the first item brought to the iconic barn soon leaving fans in tears.

It came as the guest explained the emotional story behind it - and the item's connection to Rod Stewart and Elton John.

Diane Wynell-Sutherland tasked cobbler Dean Westmoreland with restoring “tiny pair of cowboy boots” to their former state.

Dominic Chinea

Chinea has starred in the series since it debuted in 2017


“They belong now to my eldest grandson, Joss,” the guest explained, adding: “They were brought from America by my brother for my son, Todd.”

She went on to explain her brother had been a musician, and after detailing more of his success with his band, she explained he soon became very ill before being diagnosed with throat cancer, and sadly died in 2013.

“Elton was very good to my brother when he was ill and Elton did a tribute, he was in Las Vegas at the time doing a residency and they played Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

“And we played that at the wake.” She added the boots were “the last little bit of my brother”.

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