Louis Walsh takes aim at Sir Bob Geldof as he brands singer ‘full of s***’ in latest CBB rant

Louis Walsh takes aim at Sir Bob Geldof as he brands singer ‘full of s***’ in latest CBB rant

WATCH HERE: Jedward hit back at Louis Walsh for calling them vile

Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 19/03/2024

- 08:18

Walsh hasn't held back about famous faces he isn't a fan of during his time of the reality show

Louis Walsh has caused a fair amount of controversy of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, not shying away from giving his real opinions about other famous faces.

It seems getting into the final hasn’t stopped him, and in tonight’s episode, he issues a scathing take on Sir Bob Geldof.

Walsh recently caused a stir by labelling Jedward "vile" and has taken aim at plenty of other people while on the show.

Monday’s spin off show, Late and Live, saw hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best showing a sneak peek at Tuesday’s instalment. In the clip, Walsh, 71, brands Geldof “full of s***” in a passionate rant against the legendary singer.

The housemates can be seen gathered together in the kitchen as they talk about certain songs, leading Coronation Street star Colson Smith to ask: “Who wrote it? Bob Geldof?”

Clearly unimpressed, Walsh responded with a scoff as Marisha Wallace probed: “Who did write it? Prince?”

Louis Walsh

Walsh didn't hold back about Bob Geldof


As the music manager nodded, Wallace enthused about how many songs Prince had penned, which Walsh agreed with.

An intrigued Zeze Millz brought the conversation back to 72-year-old musician Geldof, asking: “I take it you’re not a Bob Geldof fan Louis.”

Prompted by the question, the former X Factor star stated candidly: “Well, I think he’s full of s***," before ranting about the activist.

He went on: “He’s from Dublin, I know little bits. The Boomtown Rats were good.”

Bob Geldof

Walsh took aim at the Irish singer in scenes to air tonight


Wallace swiftly apologised on her housemate’s behalf in case the popular singer was watching, which spurred Walsh to fume: “I don’t give a f***!”

Several viewers jumped to social media to give their own thoughts on Walsh’s take down of the Band aid legend and Walsh’s negative comments towards big names.

One X user wrote: “Louis is right about bob geldof to be fair #cbbll #cbbuk.”

Another fumed: “How dare Walsh now sl*g off bob Geldof the master of live aid band aid.”

Louis Walsh

Walsh has shared his opinions on plenty of stars during his stint on the show


Someone else also agreed with him, sharing: “Your right there louie.”

“I just know Louis Walsh is horrid in rl but by god he makes for the funniest television. #CBBUK #CBB,” another admitted.

“Louis is entertaining, a proper little b**** though,” another echoed while one fan commented: “If Louis doesn’t win then it’s a tragedy #cbbuk #bbuk #cbb.” (sic)

Walsh found himself in the final following Monday’s episode, which sparked some to theorise the show was “fixed”.

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