ITV blasted for 'ruining' mature dating show My Mum, Your Dad with 'insulting' format

Davina McCall

Davina McCall's new dating show has come under fire

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 12/09/2023

- 14:26

Updated: 12/09/2023

- 14:35

Davina McCall returned to screens on Monday evening as the face of an all-new dating show

My Mum, Your Dad has come under fire after just one episode for its "insulting" format.

Dubbed as a "middle-aged Love Island", the concept of the series sees middle-aged singletons who are on the search for love nominated by their children to take part in the series.

The group of parents are housed in a luxurious abode as they attempt to make romantic connections while host Davina McCall is on hand to spice things up with a series of workshops and challenges.

However, in a surprise twist to the parents and the children who nominated them, McCall revealed the youngsters would be watching their every move from a "surveillance" house just up the road.

The mature singletons' kids would then be tasked with making key matchmaking decisions, including a veto option if they don't approve of their parents' dating choices.

After being billed as a chance for 40 and 50-somethings to try and find love again, a number of viewers were unimpressed that ITV roped the children in to play a pivotal role in their parents' journeys.

Your Mum, My Dad stars Roger and Caroline

Your Mum, My Dad stars Roger and Caroline


Taking to Twitter to react to the twist, one viewer raged: "Glamorous parents now subject to a Big Brother twist by the producers and kids. Opportunity missed by ITV. Again. #MyMumYourDad."

While a second also fumed: "Awful! So insulting to the parents, that @ITV don’t think people in their 40s & 50s can meet & date without input from their kids.

"Billed as Love Island for older people - it isn’t!! #MyMumYourDad."

Elsewhere, a third added: "They didn’t need to get the kids involved. Throw them in the house, give them plenty of booze and leave them to it. ITV always ruining things with these stupid twists #MyMumYourDad."

And a fourth echoed: "This would be loads better if they didn't keep going back to the kids. They bring nothing to the programme. #MyMumYourDad."

Other criticism aimed at the show included the lack of body diversity among its line-up as well as the airtime given to the children as a whole.

However, there was still some praise for McCall's newest series, with one fan defending: "#MyMumYourDad this was a very emotional watch.

"The love their children have for them is so heart warming. My kids are exactly the same towards me."

Your Mum, My Dad children

The Your Mum, My Dad children will be watching their parents from afar


And a second also praised: "What a refreshing new series. Love the idea. Love the mums and dads. Love the kids watching and cringing. #MyMumYourDad #greatidea." (sic)

Over the next fortnight, fans will be able to see how the romantic hopefuls get on in their quest for love.

ITV is airing new episodes weeknights at 9pm but it sounds like fans may find themselves switching off if the emphasis on the contestants' offspring continues.

The first episode introduced the line-up of single parents which included Monique, 50, Sharon, 53, Caroline, 51, Natalie, 44, Paul, 47, Clayton, 57, Roger, 58, and Elliott, 53.

But a preview also teed up the arrival of Janey, 47 who'll enter the house in a Love Island bombshell-esque fashion.

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