ITV’s Dancing on Ice star Ryan Thomas suffers TWO falls on the ice during live show - but still avoids axe

ITV’s Dancing on Ice star Ryan Thomas suffers TWO falls on the ice during live show - but still avoids axe

Ryan Thomas suffered two falls on Sunday night

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 12/02/2024

- 09:38

Updated: 12/02/2024

- 14:54

Ryan Thomas and professional partner Amani Fancy hit the ice for another week

Dancing on Ice star Ryan Thomas suffered a devastating blow to his performance on Sunday evening as he stumbled not once, but twice during his performance.

For musicals week, Thomas and Fancy skated to Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ The Boat from Guys & Dolls and were adamant to receive their best score yet.

However, he fell down twice during the performance but bravely got back up and continued to finish his routine.

Despite the falls, Thomas managed to successfully complete the judges challenge which had been set and embraced Fancy as their dance came to an end.

Ryan Thomas and Amani Fancy

Ryan suffered two falls during his performance on Sunday night


Before receiving their comments from the judges, Thomas reassured presenters Holly Willoughby and Stephen Mulhern: “I’ve not hurt myself.

“I hope my kids aren’t watching this one! The most important thing is hearing your [audiences] voices tonight, thank you so much!”

Thomas was encouraged by the judges not to let the fall break his confidence or embarrass him as they praised his willingness to continue to bring the routine to a clean ending – being awarded a score of 25.

The pair took to Instagram backstage after their dance to discuss their mishap, with Fancy explaining: “Hi everyone, that did not quite go as expected.

“But I am really chuffed with Ryan because he didn’t get up once after falling, he got up twice and to go beginning to end and do that, that is a pro in my eyes.

Ryan Thomas and Amani Fancy

Despite Ryan falling twice the pair received a score of 25 ​


“I am really really impressed. You can fall, it happens, but getting up is what is important. However, we need your help guys.”

Thomas interjected: “We don’t want to do the skate off, we don’t really know it that well,” before Fancy concluded: “Next week, we are going to smash the scores but tonight you guys are going to have to smash the public vote and vote for us please! We really need you.”

Despite the skating duo being happy with their score, many viewers were left outraged that Thomas ended with the same score as Lou Sanders – even though she had a stumble free routine.

Taking to their social media accounts, one annoyed X user penned: “So Ryan fell twice and was still scored the same as Lou by Oti and Jayne. Just goes to show that Lou is being undermarked week after week.”

Ryan Thomas and Amani Fancy

Ryan explained he hadn't hurt himself after falling over


“How did Ryan get near enough the same score as Lou if she didn’t fall and he did twice?” a second shared before a third echoed: “So they gave Ryan 6.5 who fell TWICE, but gave Lou the same who didn’t?! Make it make sense.”

A fourth fumed: “Oh dear. Ryan is the first to fall twice in a live show in the same routine. And yet the judges still score 6.5. Utter ridiculousness.”

Not all viewers were annoyed with the judges score, as one praised: “My heart breaks for Ryan! Was an incredible skate until the falls. But as someone who used to skate, he got up and that’s what matters.”

Thomas managed to narrowly escape the unexpected double elimination last night which saw Roxy Shahidi and Sanders booted from the competition.

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