‘Shocking!’ Candace Owens says Walt Disney is ‘rolling in his grave’ as company goes WOKE

‘Shocking!’ Candace Owens says Walt Disney is ‘rolling in his grave’ as company goes WOKE

Candace Owens hits out at woke Disney

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 29/10/2023

- 21:00

Updated: 29/10/2023

- 21:02

Disney face questions over whether it should keep remaking movies

Candace Owens has launched a scathing attack on Disney as the company continues to prompt dismay with woke remakes of classic productions.

It comes as Disney face questions over whether it should keep remaking movies.

A new live-action version of Snow White has been levelled with accusations of “woke-washing”.

Changes from its 1937 original include the seven dwarfs being rebranded, with the characters now being called “magical creatures”.

Candace Owens

Candace Owens has hit out at Disney


Speaking on GB News, Candace Owens says Walt Disney will be “rolling in his grave” at the company’s direction.

“Disney has gone woke and it is so unfortunate”, she told Patrick Christys.


“Walt Disney is someone who should be deeply respected for what he did, and you have to assume he will be rolling over in his grave.

“I am someone who grew up with Disney, one of the most wonderful parts of being a mother is being able to look threw their eyes and the magic of the fairy tales.

“I only play the old version for my daughter and son because I don’t want them to be introduced to the new, obnoxious ones.

“We’ve had actual conversations that were released to the public accidentally from Disney executives about ‘wanting to make everything gay, want to make everything woke’, why? Why does there have to be an agenda when it comes to children?

Snow White star Rachel ZeglerSnow White star Rachel Zegler has divided opinions with her take PA

“Children don’t think like this.”

The Snow White remake is set for release in 2024 with Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot the two stars at its forefront.

Segler will be taking on the role of the titular Princess, and has stirred controversy by suggesting the original storyline was no longer suitable for modern audiences.

The rehash is set for radical changes after Zegler labelled the story’s Prince a “stalker”.

Owens continued by confirming The Daily Wire will be putting forward their own cartoon remakes.

“We have actually just launched our own children’s cartoons”, she told GB News.

“We’re actually doing a remake of Snow White with Brett Cooper, one of the stars here.

“We are looking forward to it. We’re looking forward to bringing cartoons to family homes that won’t indoctrinate children.”

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