BBC Strictly Come Dancing star sparks furious backlash as he’s deemed ‘sexist pig’ following comments about wife

BBC Strictly Come Dancing star sparks furious backlash as he’s deemed ‘sexist pig’ following comments about wife

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 20/04/2024

- 18:43

Updated: 21/04/2024

- 21:12

James Jordan has sparked another furious response on social media

Strictly Come Dancing fans have been left furious after former star James Jordan made a “sexist” comment on his social media account.

The controversial dancer is notorious for sparking reactions with his online commentary during the shows, but in his latest tweet he took aim at wife Ola Jordan.

The 46-year-old has been labelled a “sexist pig” after he took to X, formerly Twitter, on Saturday to write: “Hi guys anyone know a decent ironing lady in the West Malling area – as my wife is s**t at it.”

The post instantly saw a flurry of outraged followers take to the comments, with one fuming: “Try being an ironing man.”

“Can’t you do it??” another asked, while someone else added: “With the other posters here, off you go James, the iron is in the cupboard.”

“Why don’t you do the ironing then?” Another wrote. Someone else commented: “Why does it have to be an ironing ‘lady’ lol. And you can’t iron yourself because?”

“You've got a pair of hands haven't you? Lazy misogynistic article,” another remarked.

The Mirror reports a different social media user added: “Iron your own rags you sexist pig!” (sic)

Jordan has caused outrage over comments deemed sexist before, ranting last year that there would be “no white, heterosexual men on our screens anymore” thanks to “box ticking”.

He also once expressed how he preferred wife Ola when she was “smaller”.

James and Ola Jordan

James sparked a furious backlash with recent tweets


Not seeming bothered by the responses, Jordan stated in another tweet: “Lastly - we are looking for an ironing “lady” not “man” because although men are better we want to give a lady the opportunity because we are all about equality. Many thanks again for all of your replies.”

Jordan married Ola in 2003. The 41-year-old also starred in Strictly Come Dancing between 2006 and 2013 and the couple have one daughter, Ella, together.

Last month, Jordan slammed current Strictly star Nikita Kuzmin during his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

One of the episodes saw the housemates having to publicly nominate someone to leave, but the dancer clearly found the vote awkward and was tearful as he announced he’d be selecting controversial housemate Louis Walsh to be up for eviction.

James and Ola Jordan

The couple have been married since 2003


Jordan saw another furious backlash when he blasted Kuzmin on X, asking: "Why is Nikita crying??? Worlds gone soft!!! Fact!”

Many replied to ask why Jordan had taken issue with a man showing emotion.

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