BBC hits back at accusations of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show rule break after AJ Odudu ‘plug’

BBC hits back at accusations of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show rule break after AJ Odudu ‘plug’

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 12/02/2024

- 11:42

Updated: 12/02/2024

- 12:26

The Big Brother presenter was the face of Google Pixel from 2022 to 2023

BBC has been forced to issue an explanation over AJ Odudu’s “plug” for her Google Pixel phone after many claimed the broadcaster had broken its own rules.

Odudu appeared on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show where she took part in the segment called Send To All, which see’s McIntyre send a questionable message to everyone in her contact list.

As she flashed her phone, McIntyre was quick to note that it was not an iPhone and left Odudu to confirm it was a Google Pixel – before clarifying she used to have an Apple device which she described as “fragile”.

Feeling the need to explain why she had a Google phone, Odudu explained: “With iPhones every time I dropped them, the screen would smash.

AJ Odudu and Michael McIntyre

AJ threw her phone to Michael on stage from her theatre box


“Five times in one week I dropped my phone and smashed it. It was five consecutive days and I thought, ‘I can’t have this.’ ”

She added that she thought the Pixel was “sturdier” and was confident in her description as she threw it to McIntyre on stage from her theatre box.

Since its inception, the BBC must adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to advertising and prohibit the promotion of products on their show – not matter how blatant or subtle.

However, many viewers picked up on the fact Odudu was adamant to get in as much information about the Pixel phone and took to social media to comment on the BBC’s “rule break”.

One curious viewer asked: “AJ does a television commercial for the Google Pixel phone. This is on the BBC. What’s all that about?”

Michael McIntyre

Michael sent a risky message to the whole of AJ's contact list


“AJ Odudu spoke about her Google Pixel phone being better than an iPhone for about a minute. Clearly against their guidelines . . . interested to see what they say as we were agog!” another penned.

A third noted: “Anyone else thing AJ is still on a commission to plug the Pixel phone where and whenever she possibly can? Am sure BBC don’t allow this though.”

The BBC were quick to issue a statement after noticing the backlash Odudu had received and said: “Ahead of broadcast of the programme, it was confirmed to the BBC that AJ Odudu was no longer under contract to promote any smartphone-related organisations."

GB News has contacted BBC for a comment.

AJ Odudu

AJ Odudu "plugged" her Google Pixel phone


This is the second week in a row that the show has come under fire after the broadcaster was slammed for “blurring out” a pro-trans message on singer Ricky Wilson’s t-shirt.

The Kaiser Chiefs singer took to the stage to perform and wore a t-shirt which read “trans rights are human rights” written across it.

Clips from his show and previous skit went viral but one image in particular left some concerned as they noticed it seemed to be distorted.

Many claimed that it was a result of the low resolution making it look difficult to read, but some were adamant that it was evidence “transphobia" at the BBC.

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