Angel Adoree exclaims 'Can't bear it' as she reflects on children being in 'new era' of life

Angel Adoree exclaims 'Can't bear it' as she reflects on children being in 'new era' of life

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 25/04/2024

- 13:51

Updated: 26/04/2024

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The mother-of-two reflected on children Arthur and Dorothy growing up

Escape to the Chateau star Angel Adoree, 46, sounded emotional as she admitted she couldn't "bear" her children entering a new phase of life.

The mother-of-two reflected on Arthur, 11, Dorothy, 10, getting older in a recent episode of her podcast alongside husband Dick Strawbridge, 64.

After talking about Dorothy's recent birthday celebration, Adoree commented: "You know, we are in a new era.

"We've done unicorns and we've done pandas - and you know at each party we have had personalised tops, we've had just gentle, lovely activities."

"One year we went and got pebbles and all the kids were using pens to design their beautiful pebbles, we've done a lot of that."

"We did all the little character paintings," Strawbridge recalled.

Arthur, Dorothy and Angel

Angel admitted 'I can't bear it' as she reflected on her children

Instagram- escape_to_the_chateau/ITV

"That was a lovely one a couple of birthdays ago for Dorothy where I did like a silhouette of Dorothy, all the people sat around with fabric pens and they painted it.

"They added their own bits, glitter and what's really good is they get to take something home that's personal and a keepsake.

"And it literally keeps people focused for a whole half an hour, and that's a great 30 minutes that's easy and relaxed."

"We're now at the stage where Dorothy's double figures, we'll be doing dinner parties soon," Strawbridge quipped.

"Yeah we are in a new era, I don't know," Adoree replied.

"We are definitely in a new phase of Dorothy's - both the children's - celebrations.

"Looking back, I feel like we've done justice to her first decade..." after a pause, she added: "Oh my God, I can't bear it!"

"They're both double figures," Strawbridge added. In another episode of podcast Dick & Angel’s Chat…Eau, Adoree snapped at her husband when a revelation came out.

Dick, Angel, Arthur and Dorothy

The family have kept their following from Channel 4's Escape to the Chateau

Instagram- escape_to_the_chateau

It came as she found out Strawbridge had gone behind her back as they did work on the chateau.

“Woah.. never, no that’s just not really what happened," he hit back. "The fact you didn’t understand pollarding, I didn’t realise my love, that is my defence.”

“No, no, no, let’s just agree to disagree,” Adoree noted before swiftly moving on to the main point of the conversation.

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