Olly Alexander breaks silence on Eurovision performance following 'shaky vocals' after wardrobe blunder

Olly Alexander breaks silence on Eurovision performance following 'shaky vocals' after wardrobe blunder

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 08/05/2024

- 17:04

The Years and Years singer faced some backlash after suffering a wardrobe malfunction

Olly Alexander has broken his silence on his criticised Eurovision performance after a wardrobe malfunction caused issues at the semi-final in Sweden.

The 33-year-old opened up on Wednesday about his "shaky vocals" on the night after suffering a backlash from viewers.

The Years and Years singer was performing his UK Eurovision entry Dizzy in Malmö, Sweden ahead of the final of the competition this weekend.

During his performance, the actor's microphone pack slipped from his trousers and was left dangling behind him.

Alexander continued singing and made attempts to grab the equipment, but his vocals suffered as a result, which some fans were quick to point out, with one accusing him of having "shaky vocals" on X.

Speaking on Wednesday morning, Alexander explained: "I had a slight wardrobe malfunction and my mic pack fell off and I had to improvise, it's live TV and it happens!"

Olly Alexander

Alexander suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the semi-final performance


Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on ITV, he continued: "The dancing is a bit naughty and the team is fantastic. It's like the Olympics of music, it's a fun, chaotic circus.

"This whole thing has been wild, it was amazing last night. It was the first time performing it on live TV.

"There is so much support from the other contestants, it's been the experience of a lifetime. I feel so lucky and privileged to be doing it."

The It's A Sin star added: "My mum watched last night and she is coming out tomorrow and she is so excited."

Olly Alexander

The Years and Years star addressed the performance on Wednesday


Alexander was also blasted by some fans for "over-sexualising" his performance after a sneak peek at his routine was posted before the semi-final.

A clip shared to BBC Eurovision's Instagram account showed Alexander rehearsing alongside four male dancers.

In the clip, he was sporting a white vest and tight red trousers which exaggerate his crotch area.

The four male dancers, meanwhile, were all topless and wearing red boxing shorts and jock straps.

Eurovision semi-final

Alexander suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the show


At one point, the dancers break into pairs and begin straddling one another while there's plenty of suggestive tongue-wagging and hip thrusting as well.

Fans soon took to the comments to argue the routine didn't seem "family-friendly".

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