Met Office warns lightning and hail storm to lash Britain as fresh storms loom

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A new storm is predicted to batter Britain in November

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 26/10/2023

- 08:57

Heavy rain is expected to hit all parts of the UK today

The Met Office has warned of thunder and hail as a new storm prepares to batter Britain.

Heavy rain is expected to hit all parts of the UK today.

The weather office said: “Showery rain will continue to move north-eastwards, giving heavy bursts, especially across the far south and east of England, and later eastern Scotland.

“Bright spells and scattered showers elsewhere, these most frequent in the west perhaps with hail and thunder.”

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As the day progresses, showers will continue, and fog could form.

“Cloud and persistent rain becoming focused across northeast Scotland. Elsewhere showers continuing around windward coasts, some heavy with thunder and hail. Clear spells inland allowing mist and fog to form,” the Met Office said.

The dreary weather is set to continue into November, as the weather office’s long-range forecast predicts more disruptive storms.

Southern areas may be more prone to a new storm’s wrath, the Met Office predicts.


Storm Babet, which wreaked havoc over the weekend, mainly impacted the north and Scotland.

The weather office released its long-range forecast for November 8 to 22.

It said: “An uncertain period in which the UK may well find itself in a battleground between high pressure located to the north or northeast and low pressure to the south or southwest.

“It is currently quite unclear as to which one, if indeed either wins out, but the greatest chance of above average rainfall will be further to the south, especially through the first part of this period.

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Dreary weather is set to continue into November


“Increasing incidences of drier, settled weather are more likely later in the period and more generally further to the north.

“Temperatures will most likely average out near to a little above normal for most, but as we delve deeper into autumn, the chances of some colder spells increases.”

Yet despite the wet weather, the Met Office say any cold spells will likely not last long.

It added: "Atlantic systems make inroads from the west or southwest early in November.

"This will maintain the broadly unsettled and at times windy weather, with further periods of persistent rain possible. Milder conditions will also probably return back north to most if not all parts of the UK."

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