UK snow in DAYS as 'cold Arctic air' hits Britain and sends temperatures plunging below zero

Snowfall is forecast in Scotland and in the Northern hills​

Snowfall is forecast in Scotland and in the Northern hills
George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 22/11/2023

- 14:32

Updated: 22/11/2023

- 17:27

The forecast is drier overall this week but with chilly nights

Temperatures are set to plummet this week as a wave of Arctic air hits the UK.

Latest forecast estimates that there will be frost this week even some snow showers for the far north.

The majority of the snow showers will reach Scottish hills in the far north, and maybe some wintry ones brushing exposed coasts.

The northern coast of Northern Ireland and north Wales are expected to experience wintry showers.

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Meteorologists have added the ground is also very wet and not cold making it tricky for any snow flurries to settle.

They also said there is uncertainty as to how far the spread of arctic air will reach.

Meteorologist Jo Farrow from said: "Next weekend many might be nearer 8C with -2C overnight.

"The UK will be on the edge of the colder plunge of air and with several days still to go, that is quite a time to be predicting where frontal rain will be with certainty, let alone if it will turn to snow at any point. The overall setting for later this week will be one of colder air and a higher likelihood of frost by night.


Weather map. Very blue in the north.

It is expected to be cold in Scotland and northern England

Snow coming down towards the UK

The estimation for snowfall

"There does look to be a lot of cloud around the high pressure, so that may add to the subdued feeling next weekend.

"Little sunshine, grey skies and a chill in the air although with mostly light winds.

"Where breaks do appear overnight, temperatures will fall away and there could be ice in places as the ground is still so wet. If we do see any night-time freezes in November, ice will be an issue."

However, despite the cold, the Met Office is expecting a milder end to the week ahead of the start of December.

A Met Office spokesperson said: "[It will be] fairly settled with colder air in place across much of the UK initially, with any remaining light showers probably just confined to the North Sea coastline

"Inland locations often clear, so frosty by night and bright by day.

"Slightly milder air with increased cloud cover and some patchy rain and drizzle will attempt to sporadically push in from the west or northwest

"But the timing of this and ultimate southeastward extent remain uncertain."

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