10 days of hot sunshine: UK to bask in hot dry weather for next two weeks - 'Summer is here!'

WX weather chart shows hot weather to come

Forecasters believe temperatures could reach 24C in the coming days

WX Charts
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 27/05/2023

- 13:46

Rain is unlikely to trouble the UK over the next few days

Britons are set to bask in the sun for days to come with the unrelenting conditions reaching highs of 24C over the weekend.

Rain is unlikely to trouble the UK over the next few days, and forecasters are expecting the hottest day of the year so far to hit imminently.

Warnings have been issued over the pollen count in England and Wales, with the country entering the grass pollen season.

The highest temperature in the UK on Friday was in Bainbridge where it reached 22.6C.

Visitors to Green Park, London, picnic in the sun shine

Summer is quickly approaching with meteorologists suggesting temperatures could even hit 24C in the coming days


Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said the high temperatures for the bank holiday weekend were a rarity in how dry it was expected to be.

“We’re slowly getting there. Hints of summer,” Mr Partridge said. “For a bank holiday weekend it’s pretty rare to be that dry and sunny I guess, so we’re not doing too bad.”

Social media users have taken to Twitter to celebrate the sunny conditions, with one commenting: “Summer is here!”

Another added: “The weather over York was dry with unbroken sunshine, very pleasant.”

Travel experts are warning that the warm weather will gridlock some roads.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “We fully expect families to make the most of the largely fine weather over the coming days which is we’re forecasting the busiest late May bank holiday since before the pandemic.

“Into next week and half term for many parts of the UK, day trips will also be a big feature with popular routes to the coasts and countryside becoming busy.

“Getting away early in the morning or delaying trips until the evening are the best way to avoid the inevitable delays.

“No-one wants a breakdown to get in the way of them and time with family and friends, yet so many of the jobs our patrols will go out to are completely avoidable if drivers complete a few checks before they get out onto the open road.

“Ensuring oil and coolant levels are where they should be is a must, as is checking tyres are free of damage and are properly inflated.”

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