British expat shares the 'most difficult thing' about life in France after leaving the UK

Woman frustrated Dordogne

A woman shared what she finds difficult abroad

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 25/09/2023

- 11:47

Updated: 11/10/2023

- 15:28

The expat shared their frustrations about life abroad

An expat has shared the most difficult thing about life abroad after moving to France.

She spoke about the challenges she faced after living overseas.

Nicola moved to Dordogne with her husband and spoke about her experience in the beautiful French countryside.

Dordogne is a popular destination for expats due to the stunning scenery and more affordable housing.

Dordogne France

Dordogne France is a popular option for expats moving abroad


However Nicola shared the challenges she faced when trying to learn French.

She explained it was one of the most difficult things about her move to France.

"The most difficult thing is the accent," she said in documentary 'Little Britain in the Dordogne'.

"Obviously, because being English, there's loads of sound that we just don't have in English. So that's really difficult."

Britons in France must be able to speak French to an A1 level in order to keep their visa.

Anyone who already has a working visa must take a test.

If this they fail, French lessons are provided for expats, but these can be anywhere meaning Britons may need to travel far.

The area is a popular tourist destination and many locals have welcomed Britons to the area.

Dordogne France

Expats must pass a French test for their visa


However, some were not as impressed amid claims Dordogne was being turned in the Little Britain.

One local said he was happy for his British neighbours, but not everyone felt the same.

He said: "[There are] English shops, an English barber. You're often among the British in the shops here.

"Some people are happy about it, others lukewarm."

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