The cheapest place for British expats to move to is a beautiful part of Europe with homes for €1

Sicily Italy

Italy is the cheapest place for expats to move to

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 06/11/2023

- 10:08

Updated: 07/11/2023

- 11:13

The cheapest countries to move to in Europe have been shared, including one that has a €1 home scheme

Europe is a popular spot for British expats hoping to move abroad.

It is not too far from the UK and has lots of stunning places to live.

A recent survey has found the cheapest places for expats to move to.

This comes as the worst places to move to was also shared.

When it comes to the cheapest, Italy ranked as the most affordable on factors including supermarkets, travel, home, leisure and healthcare, according to Your Overseas Home.

Sicily Italy

Expats can buy a home for less than £1


Cheapest places for expats in Europe

1. Italy

2. Greece

3. Portugal

4. France

5. Spain

6. Germany

Italy is home to beautiful lakes and stunning vineyards, all located just a couple of hours from the UK.

It is also home to the €1 home scheme, popular in Sicily. Through this, buyers can purchase a doer-upper for just €1, or around 87p.

It was introduced to attract expats and give them the opportunity to fix up one of many deserted properties.

Those who take part in the scheme must follow some rules.

For example, the property must be renovated within a specific time period and the home can only be used for residential or tourism purposes.


Italy was cheapest overall for cost of living


The properties on offer can fetch up to €30,000 (around £25,000) once renovated.

Experts at Your Overseas Home added: "It’s in Sicily, a part of Italy already known for its affordable property, where municipalities and local agents have really got on board with the scheme and now around 20 towns, tucked away in the island’s rustic interior, are signed up.

"They include Mussomeli, Salemi, Sambuca, San Cataldo, Leonforte and Troina."

This comes as expats in the UK explained why they wanted to move there.

An expat shared what they miss most about the UK after moving to Europe.

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