British expat shares what they miss the most about the UK after moving 1,000 miles from home

Expat Oslo Norway

An expat spoke about their experience living abroad

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 05/11/2023

- 08:01

A British expat has exclusively told GB News what they miss most about the UK after moving overseas

Being an expat can come with lots of advantages and there are many reasons why someone might move abroad.

Whether moving to be with loved ones, hoping to experience a new culture or pursuing new work opportunities, a move abroad can sound exciting.

For Robert, 30, from central Scotland, it was a better job opportunity that persuaded him to move.

The expat said: "I moved from Scotland to Oslo, Norway and the reason for this was taking up a new position."

Expat Oslo Norway

He shared what he missed most about the UK


Speaking exclusively to GB News, Robert explained he had not been to Norway before the move.

However, the prospect of discovering a new city was exciting.

Robert moved from Scotland around five months ago, in June this year.

He explained he has enjoyed his time abroad so far, especially with so much going on in the city.

However, the expat opened up on one of the biggest adjustments moving overseas.

Robert explained it can be difficult to create a new network.

"I miss being with family and friends," he told GB News.

Learning another language has been the biggest challenge and can make it difficult to make new friends.

Expat Oslo Norway

He explained he missed family and friends


Robert said: "The biggest challenge is the language.

"Even though you can get by with English, to properly integrate into society here, you need to speak the Norwegian language."

The 30-year-old spoke of another difficulty during their move.

He explained it took him around four or five months to get a work visa.

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