The UK's most affordable staycation spot has 'plenty to explore' and rooms from £17 - full list

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The most affordable staycations have been shared

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 06/07/2024

- 12:18

The most affordable county has been named and there is lots to do for "adventurous" visitors

There are many things to consider when booking a staycation, from available activities to the bars and restaurants on offer.

How much a trip costs is also important and experts have rounded up the most affordable UK spots.

Leicester was found to be the most affordable county for a family holiday this summer, according to experts at Outdoor Toys.

A hotel costs around £80 per weekend night, far below the most expensive county, Greater London, where a hotel costs around £282 per night.

A view of a busy beach in Broadstairs, Kent

Kent was also on the list


Most affordable UK staycations (price per weekend night)

Leicestershire - £80

Staffordshire - £84

Kent - £88

South Yorkshire - £89

Bedfordshire - £89

West Yorkshire - £90

Isle of Wight - £90

Essex - £91

West Midlands - £95

Derbyshire - £95

The experts commented: "Leicestershire tops the rankings as the most affordable staycation location this summer, with an average nightly hotel price of £80. The county offers 390 family hotels as well as 1,073 family-friendly dining options.

"Adventurous families will have plenty to explore within the county, including 143 things to do with kids and three theme parks."

It added that some holidaymakers managed to find accommodation for way below the average price in Leicestershire, from as little as £17 per night.

TenbyTenby offers a decent nightlife to visitorsGETTY

Research found Tenby in Pembrokeshire as the most entertaining seaside destination to visit this summer. In a new index, it scored 7.71 out of 10.

The area boasts 6.4 pubs per 1,000 people and 2.4 featuring live music.

The Cornish town of St Ives came second and those visiting the spot will find some of the UK's most beautiful coastlines.

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