'We’ve cancelled our holiday!' Britons threaten to turn their backs on Spain holidays as they feel 'unwelcome'

Majorca, Spain

Britons have reacted to anti-tourist sentiment in Spain

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 04/06/2024

- 12:30

Updated: 04/06/2024

- 15:44

One person said they backed a Spain boycott to 'teach them a lesson'

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Anti-tourist sentiment in Spain has made some Britons rethink their holiday plans.

In recent weeks, protests about overtourism have been carried out across the country. A recent disruption in Majorca saw around 10,000 protesters work their way through Palma. In Ibiza, another protest took place with around 1,000 demonstrators. The anti-tourist feeling left a sour taste in some holidaymakers' mouths and consequently, typically busy areas were "half empty".

Britons continue to fume about the negative attitude towards tourists, with one GB News reader stating: "I was a regular traveller to Spain but I have changed to Greece for my holidays."

Beach in Catalonia, Spain

Britons flock to Spain for sun, sea and sand


"My money will be spent in a country that welcomes tourists. I'm not paying good money to be made to feel unwelcome."

But they acknowledged the negative impact this could have on those whose livelihoods rely on tourism.

They wrote: "I feel sorry for the people who are dependent on the tourist trade and do their best to give a good service throughout the season."

Another said: "We’ve cancelled our holiday to Majorca we’re now going to Cyprus - don’t need to feel unwelcome on a holiday."

One reader said that they cannot afford to go on foreign holidays, but if they could they "would not go where [they were] not wanted".

Another commented: "Well done to those Brits who boycotted Spain. Keep it up and teach them a lesson - don't bite the hand that feeds you." A fellow holidaymaker seconded this: "Good, every UK resident boycott Spain."

One reader felt that money from holidaymakers is not being appreciated. They said: "The tourists made them rich and they don't want any more."

Another questioned: "Why are they being so aggressive against the respectful tourists as well though? I don't go on holiday to get drunk and I respect the attractions I pay money to visit. But now I'm not welcome? It's confusing. Don't sell the tickets if you don't want the visits."

The reluctance to visit Spain comes as Britons were warned they may be subject to additional rules.


Greece beach

'I was a regular traveller to Spain but I have changed to Greece for my holidays'


Britons also fumed at "tough" new alcohol restrictions in popular parts of Spain.

But some understood the frustration caused by mass tourism. A reader said: "I am a Brit who lives in Palma, and honestly I can understand the sentiment from the locals.

"Since the end of May, the city centre has become absolutely packed with tourists, to the point where I can't even find a seat outside any establishment to have a coffee.

"People are literally standing outside cafes and restaurants waiting for them to open because everywhere is full - and trust me there are lots and lots of places to eat and drink. All the streets are so crowded it takes an age to get through them."

One claimed that the anti-tourist sentiment has not deterred holidaymakers. They said: "I’m a Brit living in Palma and today I thought I'd go into town for a coffee ... bad decision.

"The streets were absolutely packed, I couldn’t get a spot to sit outside. People were standing outside bars and cafes waiting for them to open because it was so ridiculously crowded everywhere. Never seen it so busy."

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