'Anti-British? Holiday elsewhere!' Britons fume as tourists in Spain warned they may be subject to additional rules

Beach in Catalonia, Spain

Britons threaten to boycott Spain and spend their money elsewhere

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 12/04/2024

- 15:59

Some British tourists no longer feel "welcome" in Spain amid new rules

Britons are furious about a new rule that means they have to have €113.40 (£97) on hand every day if they visit Spain.

The Foreign Office told British holidaymakers heading to the sunny destination that they may be subject to additional checks on their visit. Spanish officials can stop Britons at the airport and ask them to prove they have enough money for their stay.

Visitors may also have to show a valid return or onward ticket, plus proof of where they are staying.

Britons make up a huge part of tourism in Spain. A total of 17.3 million travellers from the UK have visited the country.

Malaga, Spain

Some British tourists no longer feel 'welcome' in Spain


But British tourists are not best pleased by the new requirements. One GB News reader claimed that tourism is what keeps the economy afloat.

He said: "If the country would stand together and boycott Spain in favour of other Mediterranean countries, within three months they would be begging us to come back. 17 million visitors is a lot of money to the Spanish economy."

Another GB News reader seconded this: "Another Mediterranean country tried to move away from tourism. They forgot how much tourism contributed to the economy."

A third commented: "Anti-British? Holiday elsewhere! The money rule shows how desperate they are for our cash.

"Why not take it to a country where you are welcome and not just your money? Vote with your wallet. Spain will get the message, even if by then you've discovered better places and never return to Spain."

Another reader suggested Britons opt for other holiday destinations instead of Spain.

The GB News reader said: "They need to make their minds up, do you want me there or not? Dubrovnik is calling me this year if not."

"I don't go to the EU, I fly over it on my way to Thailand twice per year to Chiang Mai," another holidaymaker added.

"None of these pathetic rules there. Wonderful people, lovely weather - best of all, no stupid EU rules."

Some British travellers felt that their tourism was not appreciated. One said: "In other words, you’re not welcome."


Beach in Spain

Britons fume at the new rules


But some thought the new requirements were understandable. One reader said: "This has got to be the funniest post ever. Talk about misguided, lol. Hey, you voted to leave, we left, and now we're a third country."

These reactions come as some Spanish locals say enough is enough and ask for a crackdown on tourism.

Holidaymakers in Tenerife have recently been met with signs reading "Tourists go home" and "Too many guiris" (meaning uncouth foreign tourists).

Britons in Spain have also been warned about holidaying in Spain as an anti-tourist protest date in the Canary Islands looms.

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