Samsung unveils first-ever smart ring to monitor your exercise, heart rate, and periods for £399

a hand holds the samsung galaxy ring in titanium silver

Galaxy Ring is built from Grade 5 titanium and is available in three colours: Titanium Black, Titanium Silver, Titanium Gold

Aaron Brown

By Aaron Brown

Published: 11/07/2024

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Galaxy Ring is built from titanium and has a seven-day battery life

Galaxy Ring is the latest addition to Samsung's line-up of wearables designed to track your health and fitness.

Priced at £399, this sensor-packed smart ring has been secretly developed inside the South Korean company for years. It was briefly teased back in January when Samsung announced its Galaxy S24, S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphones. And now, it's finally available to preorder ahead of a July 24 UK release.

At a svelte 2.6mm thick, the Galaxy Ring is built from titanium and tips the scales at just 3 grams. It's certified IP68, which means it's water- and dust-proof — so removing it before a shower or swim is unnecessary.

It can also survive being submerged to depths of 100m, so even divers won't need to remove their Galaxy Ring.

samsung galaxy ring in Titanium Black, Titanium Silver, Titanium Gold on a plain background

Samsung will offer the Galaxy Ring in nine sizes, ranging from US 5 — 13. The weight and battery capacity varies slightly between models, based on the ring size you've picked


That's crucial for a device designed to continuously monitor heart rate, calories burned, and stress levels. Data recorded by the Galaxy Ring is crunched on your smartphone, so you'll need an Android handset capable of running the Android 11 operating system at a minimum. Some features are only available when the Galaxy Ring is paired with a Samsung smartphone too.

Every day, Samsung will present you with an Energy Score, which is generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) models that analyse your sleep, resting heart rate and its variability throughout the night, as well as recent physical exercise. Samsung says this numerical score should enhance awareness of how your overall health influences your daily life, so you can make adjustments and focus on improvements.

galaxy ring on a hand as they walk along the coast

As you start an activity, the Galaxy Ring will notice the change in your vital signs and automatically categorise and log the workout


Auto Workout Detection — a nifty feature from the Galaxy Watch smartwatch line-up, which automatically logs a workout when it notices movement — makes an appearance in this first-generation smart ring too. And if you've spent too much time sitting around without moving, fitness reminders with an "Inactive Alert" will pop-up.

These will be sent to the smartphone paired with your Galaxy Ring, since the later doesn't have a screen.

Likewise, a Sleep Score will be beamed from the Galaxy Ring every morning with snoring analysis, and sleep metrics like movement during the night, sleep latency, resting heart rate, and respiratory rate. The built-in skin temperature sensor is used to help track menstrual cycles.

As you continue to wear the Galaxy Ring, Samsung has promised that all of this data will be continuously monitored and reviewed by complex AI models to offer personalised Wellness Tips in the Samsung Health app.

someone lies on a bed checking their energy score on a galaxy z flip 6

All of the health information gathered by the Galaxy Ring will be beamed over Bluetooth to your paired Android smartphone and crunched into an Energy Score which is updated daily


Unlike Fitbit and Oura Ring, a rival sensor-packed smart ring from the Finnish health technology company Oura, there's no need for a subscription to unlock any of these insights into your health data. This is the same approach as rival Apple, which typically charges more upfront for its products than competitors, but includes all of the health data analysis at no extra cost.

Galaxy Ring has a concave design to avoid scratches and dents during daily wear. It's made from Grade 5 titanium and available in Black, Silver and Gold. The tech-packed jewellery is available in nine different size options, from US ring size 5-13.

As well as collecting health data, Samsung has included a double-pinch gesture using your ring-finger and thumb. This can dismiss alarms on your phone and activate the shutter button on the camera — a nifty alternative to relying on a timer for larger group shots.

Samsung says battery life should last around 7 days, although this will depend on how often you're wearing the Galaxy Ring, using features like the Double-Pinch gesture, and more.

animated gif of samsung galaxy ring in the charging case

Placing the Galaxy Ring in its charging case will trigger a circle of LEDs that illuminate to show the current charge status of the smart ring


If you've also got a Galaxy Watch 7 smartwatch on your wrist, the Galaxy Ring won't need to check heart rate quite as frequently, delivering a 30% boost to battery life, Samsung says.

When it's time to recharge the Ring, you'll need to pop it inside a specially designed charging case — like the ones used for wireless earbuds — with LED lights that surrounds the smart ring to indicate charging status. The case can be charged via USB-C or wirelessly on a Qi charging mat.

If you misplace the Galaxy Ring, it's trackable on a Galaxy smartphone with the Samsung Find app.

Preorders for the Galaxy Ring are available now, with the first products beginning to ship on July 24 in the UK, South Korea, North America, and mainland Europe. Unlike the best Galaxy Z Fold 6 deals, and best Galaxy Z Flip 6 deals, there's no preorder promotions available on the Galaxy Ring.

You won't receive a discount with a trade-in and early adopters shouldn't expect any freebies.

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