Terrible Wi-Fi? Amazon’s fix for broadband trouble is now more affordable, thanks to huge eero discounts

an eero pro router is pictured sat on a blue counter

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Aaron Brown

By Aaron Brown

Published: 22/01/2024

- 14:09

Updated: 22/01/2024

- 14:10

Enjoy 50% off eero routers in the latest Amazon sale

Struggling with patchy Wi-Fi signal or slow speeds throughout your home? Amazon has a clever solution to fix a multitude of broadband woes — its mesh Wi-Fi system, known as eero.

And if you’re thinking about switching to this smart system, there’s never been a better time as Amazon has slashed prices across its range of routers.

For a limited time, you can get half-price eero devices from Amazon. If you’re a Prime member, or enjoying a 30-day free trial, you’ll take delivery of your new eero tomorrow at no extra cost.

Amazon’s kit doesn’t alter the maximum broadband speed available at your address, that can only be changed by your broadband provider. However, it can dramatically improve the performance of your Wi-Fi network in a few critical ways.

First up, the latest eero kit supports the latest wireless standards, like Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7, which offer more throughput and improved wireless speeds.

an illustration to show how a mesh wi-fi network like the one used by eero works in the home compared with a standard router

A mesh Wi-Fi network works by placing multiple nodes throughout your home to provide better coverage. It also maintains signal strength through brick walls and outdoors in a garden


For comparison, the router sent out to all BT customers, known as the Smart Hub 2, only supports Wi-Fi 5 — so you’ll miss out on the benefits of the newer technologies built into your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, games consoles, set-top boxes, and more.

If you buy multiple eero devices, they will create a mesh Wi-Fi networks. For those who don’t know, mesh networks are found in offices, airports, and train stations across the world. Rather than a single Wi-Fi router, like the one found in your hallway, these rely on multiple smaller nodes.

So, instead of having to stretch wireless signal from a single box, your gadgets will be distributed to the node closest to them (or the one with the fewest number of devices already connected) to almost guarantee full bars of signal.

You don’t need to be living in a Selling Sunset-esque mansion to take advantage of a mesh network.

If you live in a Victorian home with internal brick walls, it can be incredibly difficult for Wi-Fi signal to cross from one room to another. Likewise, if you’ve got a lot of smart devices – from smart thermostats, Sonos speakers, and Wi-Fi enabled lightbulbs – the router sent-out by your broadband supplier can struggle to juggle all of these connections.

Amazon has built-in a number of clever features to its eero devices, including the ability to use the 4G or 5G network on your phone to keep the devices on your home Wi-Fi network connected if there's an outage. You can also block devices from the internet at certain times of day to keep younger children off the internet until morning or during tea time, for example.

Amazon has dropped the price of the eero Pro from £119.99 down to £59.99 – a 50% discount. The online retailer has also cut the cost of two- and three-packs of the same router.

The price tag of the eero Pro 6 has also been cut by 25%, from £189.99 down to £139.99. This newer model has support for the Wi-Fi 6 standard and also doubles-up as a Zigbee hub, which makes it easier to connect compatible smart home devices, from lightbulbs to thermostats.

Amazon’s eero isn’t the only option when it comes to mesh Wi-Fi systems, with rivals from Netgear, TP-Link, and Linksys also offering Wi-Fi nodes with similar features.

Google also offers a mesh network to rival eero known as Nest Wi-Fi. However, Apple discontinued its range of routers, known as AirPort, back in 2018.

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