West Ham fans attacked ahead of European cup final as mass brawl breaks out in Prague

Ultras are seen rushing away from the scene

A mass brawl has erupted in Prague ahead of the European final

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 07/06/2023

- 16:49

Updated: 07/06/2023

- 17:35

Hooligans adorned in black hoodies and masks can be seen throwing chairs and flares

Shocking footage appears to show Fiorentina fans attacking West Ham supporters in Prague ahead of their showdown in the Europa Conference League final.

Hooligans adorned in black hoodies and masks can be seen throwing chairs and flares towards Irons fans.

Riot police could be seen flooding in to break up the clashes, with around 16 arrests made.

A statement from the Czech Republic police reads: "Italy fans attacked West Ham fans in a bar in Rytířská Street, injuring three. One policeman was also attacked. We have restricted the personal freedom of 16 people and we are currently investigating the whole incident."

Arrested fans are apprehended

Fiorentina ultras have attacked West Ham fans in Prague

Twitter / @PolicieCZ

At one point, a hooligan is spotted hurling what appears to be a lit firework into the crowd of Hammers supporters.

Prague police have called in several hundred officers to patrol the event as they braced for an estimated 20,000 West Ham supporters - many without match tickets - to revel in their team's first European competition final in nearly half a century.

Outside the Tek’ila Tek’ila bar in the city centre, a burnt-out chair and broken glass were seen littered across the ground.

One West Ham fan, who did not want to be named, said “a large group” of Italian fans attacked the bar.

“About eight Italians walked past, swinging bands and chains,” he said.

He added: “Five minutes later there was a big group that come down the road and attacked us.”

The man said five West Ham fans were injured.

He said: “Three of our mates (were injured), out of all of this lot there were five. Three of them were our mates. They’ve gone to hospital.”

He added that one of his friends was “quite badly” injured with a “massive cut” on his head.

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