Luke Littler 'can become the richest darts player' as Premier League bow beckons

Luke Littler 'can become the richest darts player' as Premier League bow beckons

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 08/01/2024

- 09:18

The 16-year-old recently wowed with his performances at the World Darts Championship

Luke Littler has been backed to become the richest darts player ever as his Premier League debut creeps closer.

The 16-year-old won the hearts of a nation with his sensational performances at the recent World Darts Championship.

The teenager saw off established names such as Rob Cross, Raymond van Barneveld and Brendan Dolan on his way to the final.

And though Littler was unable to beat Luke Humphries, he still impressed with his display in last Wednesday's 7-4 defeat.

Luke Littler darts

Luke Littler will make his Premier League debut next month after his sensational World Darts Championship exploits


Littler clearly has a big future ahead.

He'll take part in the Premier League this year having earned a wildcard entry to the competition.

Should he won that competition, he'll earn a huge £275,000 share of the overall £1million prize fund.

And Bobby George, speaking to The Mirror, thinks Littler has the potential to become the richest player in the history of the sport.

“He can become the richest player ever," said the 78-year-old.

"He’s got the talent and he’s at the top of the world now in darts.

"The more oches you tread, the better you get.

"And he’s going to go and tread a lot of oches now and earn a lot of money.

"It’s great for a young man of that age.”

George does think Littler must beware 'dark sharks' keen to get hold of some of his money - while also urging the teenager to swerve 'fast cars and women'.

“He’s selling a product – himself,” the former darts star added.

“He’ll be OK as long as he can keep himself from getting too lairy or big-headed or anything like that – just be a nice boy and practise.

"There are a lot of dart sharks out there, people who will tell you, ‘Sign a contract and we’ll do this’.

“You’ve got to be careful signing contracts because they could not stick to their bargain but you’re tied so you’ve had it.

"I’ve seen it happen before to other players.


Luke Humphries

Luke Littler recently lost to Luke Humphries in the final of the World Darts Championship


"But he seems quite sensible for his age and doesn’t seem phased by anything."

He continued: “He needs to keep his feet on the floor, practice and do what he’s been doing, as he’s doing something right.

"As long as he sticks with his parents and listens to them, he can’t go far wrong.”

Former darts star James Wade, meanwhile, has warned Littler that the Premier League is a 'lonely and tiring place'.

He told the Daily Star: "I can understand the PDC's desire to put Luke into the Premier League (he is their most marketable asset at present) but that roadshow is a lonely and tiring place and I really hope that it doesn't come at the cost of burn-out for the rest of his career.

Bobby George

Luke Littler has been backed to reach the very top of the darts world by Barry George


"He deserves to be nurtured because it is a great story, and he could turn out to be a top, top player for a long time.

"Believe it or not, back before Michael van Gerwen came on the scene, I was the youngest-ever player to have won a TV major in darts.

"They say the first is the hardest, but I thought it was the second - there is suddenly expectations, some haters, people wanting to beat you.

"It all must be dealt with in a way you never experienced as an outsider."

The Premier League commences on February 1. It will run until May 23, with Michael van Gerwen the current reigning champion.

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