Luke Littler reveals he angered teachers at school with darts star 'never really in'

Luke Littler reveals he angered teachers at school with darts star 'never really in'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 25/02/2024

- 13:07

Updated: 05/03/2024

- 17:05

The 17-year-old also claims he has just one GCSE to his name

Luke Littler has admitted he angered his teachers with poor attendance during school, with the 17-year-old admitting he was 'never really in'.

The darts star has become a household name due to his sublime performances at the oche over the past few months.

Littler has played the sport since a young age and always dreamed of becoming a professional when he was rising through the ranks.

And the youngster has now admitted his school life was tricky due to his darts commitments, confessing he was 'never really in' as a result.

Luke Littler darts

Luke Littler says he was 'never really' at school due to his darts commitments


He told the Times: “I was never really in.

“When I was, I just got on with what I had to do; didn’t get involved with anything else.

"At the beginning they were a bit thingy with it, because I was having so much time off, but we were like, ‘He’s having time off because he’s doing well and winning youth titles. He’s getting to men’s titles and winning them as well.’

"Then they got their head round it, and back end of last year I just went off to the development tour.”

As for GCSE's, he added: “I did my sport. I got a pass in sport. That’s it. Just sport.”

Littler has, however, vindicated his decision to pursue a career in darts.

Ever since losing in the final of the World Darts Championship last month, he has gone from strength to strength.

Littler has shown he's capable of beating the very best, including the likes of Luke Humphries, Rob Cross and Raymond van Barneveld.

And while the darts star has hinted he could retire early, he's certainly committed for the time being.

Littler has always revealed he's changing his diet, having previously admitted to a love of kebabs and fast foods.

He said: “In the football world, I think they’d still have a takeaway. But it's not seen as a good thing.

"Darts players get what we want, really. It’s just about looking after yourself on tour.

"Soon as I got my tour card, my manager sat me down and said when you finish it could be 11 or 12, it’s literally all fast food, burgers or whatever.

"So I’ve got to look after myself, eat before I play. And when I’ve finished, even if I stay up to whenever, I just won’t eat.

"This is my new way of living. I love darts, and it’s going to be like this for ten, fifteen years.”


Luke Littler

Luke Littler has captivated the world of darts with his sublime performances in recent months


Meanwhile, amid Littler's stunning rise, Michael van Gerwen has opened up on the darts star.

And the Dutchman wants 'stupid questions' about the 17-year-old to end, insisting the media need to back off.

"He's a phenomenal player," Van Gerwen said earlier this week after beating Littler in the Premier League.

"He has a lot of talent and he has such a great career in front of him.

"But like I always say, get the pressure a little bit off him.

Luke Littler darts

Luke Littler has revealed he's set to change his lifestyle so he can continue to dazzle for many years to come


"Don't ask him too many stupid questions. Just let him enjoy what he does and it makes him a better player in the long run.

"He's a young kid, how much pressure the press and everyone puts on his shoulders - it's insane.

"I know as a player how that is. I don't think that's fair on him. Let him enjoy his life and do his own thing.

"Let him enjoy himself. Whatever he does, if he puts his shoe on, if he puts his darts in his hand, if he puts his finger in his nose, whatever he does, everyone speaks about him. Let him enjoy himself and live his life.

"I like to play against Luke Littler but if you keep doing this I've seen a lot of kids in his position drift off and I don't think that's good for the sport."

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