'Effortless' - Tony Bellew explains real reason Tyson Fury has been knocked down seven times in boxing career

'Effortless' - Tony Bellew explains real reason Tyson Fury has been knocked down seven times in boxing career

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 25/01/2024

- 17:19

The Gypsy King has fought against adversity to maintain his unbeaten record

Tyson Fury has never lost in his professional career but has been knocked down seven times by his opponents.

Tony Bellew claims the Gypsy King's relaxed nature in the ring leads to him hitting the canvas more than people would expect.

Fury is unbeaten in his 35 professional bouts, the only blemish being a draw in the first of the trilogy against Deontay Wilder in 2018.

He has won 24 of his matches by knockout and has held the WBC heavyweight title since 2020.

Tyson Fury and Tony Bellew

Tony Bellew has explained why Tyson Fury has been knocked down seven times in his boxing career


But despite his near-perfect record, Fury is no stranger to being knocked down by his opponents.

He was famously on the end of a fierce punch from Wilder in their first fight and was seconds away from defeat.

But Fury somehow managed to pull it together and rise from the canvas, to the shock of Wilder and those in attendance at the Staples Center in LA.

Fury was also knocked down in round three of his last fight against Francis Ngannou.

It was Ngannou's first professional boxing bout after a career in MMA and he gave Fury an almighty scare.

Fury was again able to recover and came back to win via a controversial split decision.

Next up he faces Oleksandr Usyk in a huge undisputed heavyweight clash in Saudi Arabia on February 17.

Bellew knows all about Usyk, having suffered defeat against the Ukrainian in his final professional fight.

Ahead of the clash, the 'Bomber' has given insight into why Fury has been knocked down regularly without ever tasting defeat.

Bellew claims the relaxed nature of Fury in the ring opens him up to the possibility of being knocked off his feet.

However, he also says the same approach means he can 'take the sting' out of a punch, even if he topples over.

Reacting to a video of Fury's seven career knockdowns, Bellew said on X: "He relaxes when he fights! Boxing is an effortless action for Tyson Fury!


"Basically he’s at home when he’s in a boxing ring! This is why his recovery skills are so good, he doesn’t waste energy when in the ring...

"He also has a great ability to take the sting outta the punch."

Fury's first fight against Wilder was undoubtedly the closest he has come to being counted out.

The 35-year-old revealed last year that he was momentarily 'out cold'.

Fury told TNT Sports: "I thought I was out of there. I didn’t know what happened to me.

Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou knocked Tyson Fury down in their fight last October


"I was out cold. I opened my eyes and saw the referee going ‘4, 5,’ and I thought ‘f*** I’ve been knocked down here! Get up!’

"But I didn’t want to rush up because I didn’t know where my legs were going to be.

"I’d just been chinned properly and if you jump up and you end up falling over again, it gets stopped so I took every bit of time.

"The referee told us in the changing room ‘I believe in counting the champion out. If one of you goes down, I’ll count to ten and if you're not up, you’re out’."

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