Jake Paul reveals problems after bulking up for controversial Mike Tyson fight - 'I feel like a rhino'

Jake Paul reveals problems after bulking up for controversial Mike Tyson fight - 'I feel like a rhino'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 26/05/2024

- 11:22

The two Americans will battle it out on July 20

Jake Paul has admitted he feels slower after bulking up ahead of his controversial clash with Mike Tyson later in the year.

It was confirmed back in March that the duo would be facing each other at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on July 20.

Paul is taking the fight extremely seriously, with the 27-year-old set to face one of the best heavyweights in boxing history.

The former YouTuber has bulked up for the clash, with Paul looking considerably heavier during a recent press conference in New York.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul has admitted he feels like a 'rhino' after bulking up ahead of his bout with Mike Tyson


Yet now, speaking to TMZ Sports, he's revealed his new physique means he's slower - comparing himself to a rhino in the process.

"There is definitely slightly more power but I think the biggest thing is the inside fighting and clinches and not getting pushed around by some of these heavyweights," he said.

"Definitely when I'm jogging I'm so much slower.

"I feel like a rhino or something, it's definitely a lot harder to jog.

"Everything has been good but it's been a little transition moving to heavyweight.

"I definitely needed to put on weight so that I'm able to compete with Mike Tyson and so that he's not able to throw me around in the ring.

"We've been sparring heavyweights and eating more food.

"Mike Tyson has called me fat but I believe fat will turn into muscle and come fight night I believe I will be able to move and dance around the ring like a true heavyweight."

Tyson, during his prime, was formidable.

He is arguably the best fighter to ever step inside a ring.

It has been four years since his last fight, however, with Tyson drawing with Roy Jones Jr back in 2020.

But Paul thinks Tyson will still be a threat at the age of 58.

"They say he's the baddest man on the planet, so let's find out," he added.

"Apparently he's the final boss… I love the biggest challenges in the world.

"That's what's made my whole entire career is taking big risks and I want the toughest guy out there.


Mike Tyson Jake Paul

Jake Paul is taking his fight with Mike Tyson seriously despite the huge 30-year age gap between the two fighters


"I want the biggest fights and making history is what I've done my whole entire career. And this is no different.

"Netflix, Mike Tyson. It doesn't get any bigger than this and everyone will see July 20."

Tyson, meanwhile, recently said Paul looked 'fat' after putting on weight.

“I don’t know if he’s in his prime, he’s fat," he said.

"He should be l;ean and mean, he's fat and funky.

Mike Tyson Jake Paul

Mike Tyson has mocked Jake Paul and branded his compatriot 'fat' as they prepare to fight later in the year


“I saw him with his shirt off the other day, he’s fat!"

Paul quipped back by reminding Tyson of his defeat to Buster Douglas in 1996.

But Tyson shrugged off the remark and said: “I know, but you know Buster Douglas, I'm better.

“I'm going to end you quicker than he did and you'll remember that forever.”

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