Jake Paul makes stance clear on Mike Tyson training footage ahead of divisive fight - 'I think'

Jake Paul makes stance clear on Mike Tyson training footage ahead of divisive fight - 'I think'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 27/04/2024

- 11:19

The two Americans will fight on July 20 in Texas

Jake Paul has admitted he's seen training footage of Mike Tyson as their fight creeps closer.

And 'The Problem Child' thinks his rival's confidence is growing as their divisive showdown in Texas on July 20 creeps closer.

The boxing world was stunned last month when it was confirmed Tyson and Paul would be fighting, despite a huge 30-year age gap between the two men.

Tyson last fought back in 2020 but looks in terrific shape as he prepares for the bout, having regularly updated fans on social media.

Jake Paul Mike Tyson

Boxing news: Jake Paul has reacted to Mike Tyson training footage ahead of their fight later this year


The 57-year-old, just days ago, took to Instagram to show off footage of himself sending punches crashing against the pads in training.

Paul has been impressed by what he's seen from the boxing icon.

Yet the 27-year-old has also warned Tyson that looking good on the pads is only 'half the battle'.

Speaking on the BS/w Jake Paul Podcast, Logan Paul asked his brother: "When you see Mike Tyson hitting those pads, do you get a little nervous?"

His sibling then responded by saying: "Yeah. It's motivating, I think it is good to carry fear into the ring and with you on a daily basis when you're training because it makes you better."

And he then added: "But Mike, looking good on the mitts is not even half the battle.

"You have to face me in the ring...

"I think he's seeing these videos of how good he looks on the mitts and he's getting turned up and his confidence is probably growing."

Paul isn't alone in being nervous about the upcoming contest, however.

Tyson, speaking to Fox News earlier this month, revealed he was 'scared to death' about the fight.

"I have a weird personality - I don't think it's weird though," he said.

"Whatever I'm afraid to do, I do it. That's how it is.

"I was afraid of the Roy [Jones] fight. I was 100 pounds overweight, I was however old, 54, 53, and I said ‘Let’s do it.'

"Anything I'm afraid of, I confront it. That's my personality.

"Right now, I'm scared to death. I always believed that adversity and nervousness pretty much catapulted me into success.


boxing news Mike Tyson

Boxing news: Mike Tyson has been working hard in the gym ahead of his clash with Jake Paul


"If I didn't have these feelings, I wouldn't go into this fight.

"I have to have these feelings to fight. Without them, I would never go in the ring.

"As the fight gets closer, the less nervous I become because it's reality, and in reality, I'm invincible."

Boxing news Jake Paul Mike Tyson

Boxing news: Jake Paul thinks Mike Tyson's confidence is growing ahead of their fight later in the year


Tyson has won 50 of his 58 career fights, with a huge 40 of his victories achieved via knockout.

Paul, meanwhile, has won nine of his 10 bouts so far.

His last victory came against Ryan Bourland on March 2, with Paul winning the battle after just one round.

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