‘Gen Z are blinkered!’ Apprentice star Ryan-Mark Parsons rages at ‘woke posturing’ in trans athletes row

‘Gen Z are blinkered!’ Apprentice star Ryan-Mark Parsons rages at ‘woke posturing’ in trans athletes row

Ryan Mark-Parsons fumed at the 'blinkered' Gen Z

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 16/04/2024

- 09:41

Lucy Frazer has called for a ban on trans athletes competing in women's sport

  • The Apprentice star says Gen Z are responsible for trans athletes still competing in women's sport
  • JOIN THE DEBATE - Should trans athletes be allowed to compete in women's sport? COMMENT NOW

Apprentice star Ryan Mark-Parsons has blamed Gen Z for the surge of trans athletes competing in women’s sport.

Speaking on GB News, Mark-Parsons said ‘woke posturing’ is not allowing ‘common sense decisions’ to be made.

It comes after Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer urged sporting bodies to impose an outright ban on transgender athletes competing against women.

“I think it’s a generational issue”, said Mark-Parsons.

Ryan Mark-Parsons

Ryan Mark-Parsons has hit out at Gen Z


“I think people my age, within Gen Z, seem to think it’s OK to have trans athletes competing with women.

“I welcome action taken by a golf tournament taking place in the US which banned trans golfers from taking part because there are clear, physiological differences.


“It’s not at all equitable for female athletes to allow trans athletes to participate and compete against them.

“It’s totally and utterly unfair. I think it’s a common sense debate but it seems to be people my age are blinkered.

“They just want to posture and appear woke.”

Broadcaster Nichi Hodgson waded in on the discussion to outline her ‘worries’ for trans women, arguing we are in danger of marginalising them further.

Lucy Frazer

Lucy Frazer wants a ban on trans women competing in men's sport

Nichi Hodgson, Isabel Webster, Eamonn Holmes and Ryan Mark-Parsons

Nichi Hodgson says she is concerned about marginalising trans women


“We’re always going to have outliers in sport. You often have some athletes with one incredible, physical quality that makes them superior”, she said.

“I do appreciate standing up for women. It’s very important we stand up for women and don’t eradicate or silence women which we are in danger of doing with the trans debate.

“But I also worry about making a minority of people even more outcast.”

Frazer says sporting officials had a duty to give female athletes a ‘sporting chance’ during a summit over the weekend, adding male-born rivals have an ‘indisputable edge’.

Speaking to the Mail, she said governing bodies should set out an ‘unambiguous position’ on the matter.

She feels that authorities are ‘not going far or fast enough’ despite government guidance urging them to consider fairness and safety.

“In competitive sport, biology matters. And where male strength, size and body shape gives athletes an indisputable edge, this should not be ignored,” she wrote.

“By protecting the female category, they can keep women's competitive sport safe and fair and keep the dream alive for the young girls who dream of one day being elite sportswomen.

“We must get back to giving women a level playing field to compete. We need to give women a sporting chance.”

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