Fergie 'loves the media': Warning of Sarah Ferguson return 'as loose lips sink ships'

Fergie 'loves the media': Warning of Sarah Ferguson return 'as loose lips sink ships'

WATCH NOW: Kinsey Schofield shares her verdict on Sarah Ferguson remarrying Prince Andrew

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 06/01/2024

- 07:48

Sarah Ferguson joined the Royal Family for their Christmas celebrations at Sandringham

Royal reporter Kinsey Schofield has weighed in on claims that Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, could be welcomed back into the Royal Family, following a surprise appearance at the royal Christmas celebrations.

Sarah Ferguson joined the royals as they attended their annual church service in Sandringham, greeted warmly by the crowds and gifted flowers by fans.

The appearance comes as Prince Andrew is facing fresh backlash, after new legal documents were released in connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

This week, over 150 people were named as associates of the criminally convicted paedophile, who died in his New York prison cell in 2019.

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson attended the royal Christmas church service in Sandringham in 2023


Following allegations against the Duke of York in connection with Epstein, Prince Andrew settled an out of court agreement with Virginia Guiffre.

Prince Andrew has always denied the claims against him.

The documents named Prince Andrew amongst other senior figures, including former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Amid reports that Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew may reunite romantically, Schofield told GB News it would be "quite something" if the Duchess was officially welcomed back into the fold.

Schofield told host Patrick Christys: "A marriage to Fergie I absolutely think would increase his brand likability, because we all loved that couple years ago.

"I do think that the public's issue with him [Prince Andrew] is just the association with somebody that was just so nasty."

Patrick agreed, adding: "And I think one of the big problems with Fergie was that supposedly anyway, Prince Philip absolutely hated her and obviously, regrettably, he is gone now.

"And so actually that problem is out of the way. Maybe she can just come back completely."

Kinsey Schofield

Kinsey Schofield says Prince Andrew could 'increase his brand likability' by remarrying Fergie

GB News

The US royal hound replied: "That's what we've all heard over the years, that was his rule, that he wanted a distance from her. She was apparently heartbroken that she was not invited to William and Catherine's wedding and then Harry and Meghan came in and saved the day and invited her to theirs.

"Fergie is a likeable character, but I also would would caution that she loves the media. She'll run up and throw her arms around media individuals and whether or not she whispers things into their ear, I don't know.

"But I do think loose lips sink ships, and she's a Duchess with a podcast. I think too with Princess Eugenie and Beatrice coming back into the fold, Eugenie is very close to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, so you've got to be cautious around her with what you say.

"It could end up back in Montecito, whispered to somebody in Montecito, and then end up in newspapers."

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