Bring on a royal referendum: Jennie Bond calls for UK to quell anti-royal toxicity

Bring on a royal referendum: Jennie Bond calls for UK to quell anti-royal toxicity
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 08/09/2023

- 14:31

Jennie Bond has hit back at royal critics as the world marks the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Speaking on The Live Desk, the royal expert reacted to a recent YouGov poll, which revealed 59 per cent of people believe King Charles is "doing a good job".

Bond said: “I think he and the palace will look back on this first year with a great deal of satisfaction. Yes, the republican movement have been making a bit more noise. That's partly because they get more publicity, because there's more social media, people know where the demonstrations are going to be, and partly because there is a small increase in the numbers who seem to support the republican movement. That's fine, I would say.

“I say bring it on, bring it on! If that's the truth, then let's have a referendum. And I really do think that all the polls suggest that if we were to have referendum then as you say, about 60% of the population would say, well actually we quite like it. Let's keep it as it is. And what would a politician do?”

Bond continued: “Don't rock the boat. It was going swimmingly before, to mix my nautical analogies. But I think that he feels that he doesn't want to shake it up and change things radically, and I think that was a very wise thing to do. Also, you know, I've known King Charles, Prince Charles, over so many years a little bit, and I know that at heart he's quite a traditionalist. He's not one to change things just for the sake of it.

“There have been gradual nuances. The coronation things were slightly different. But I'd be quite surprised actually how he has stuck rigidly to the royal year, the structure of that year, the season as it goes on. And I don't think he's going to change that in the years to come. I think we would look to William for radical change.”

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