Protesters to target King Charles and Queen Camilla's next overseas royal tour

Protesters to target King Charles and Queen Camilla's next overseas royal tour

Watch: Protesters to target King Charles and Queen Camilla's next international tour

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 30/05/2024

- 14:54

The King and Queen are planning to travel to Australia in late October

  • The anti-monarchy group Republic will protest against the Royal Family overseas
  • Graham Smith, CEO of the group, outlined Republic's plan to protest in Australia on GB News’ royal podcast
  • New episodes of The Royal Record are released every Thursday

Protestors are set to target King Charles and Queen Camilla’s next international tour.

The head of the anti-monarchy group Republic said its members plan to demonstrate overseas as Charles and Camilla tour Australia, during the second episode of GB News’ new podcast The Royal Record.

The monarch is planning to travel Down Under in late October and early November as he continues his cancer treatment.

Speaking to GB News’ Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker and Royal Editor of GB Svar Nanan-Sen on the podcast, Graham Smith described why he is planning to travel abroad to protest.

Camilla and King Charles

Protestors will travel to Australia to demonstrate against the Royal Family during the King's trip Down Under


Smith said: “Everything I have read so far is that they intend to go to Australia as planned in October.

“My intention is to go over there as well, we’ve got members and supporters over there and of course, there is an Australian republican movement that we want to talk to.”

Smith explained that the “purpose” of the long-haul trip “won’t be to campaign for an Australian republic, but to campaign for a British [one].”

He continued: “We’re going to be constantly turning up where they’re turning up and saying ‘You’re not for us, you’re not my King’.”

Charles and Camilla

The anti-monarchy group Republic protesting regularly at royal events


The Republic group protest at many events and engagements that the Royal Family attend demanding an elected head of state rather than a constitutional monarchy.

On June 15, the group are planning to protest at the King’s Birthday Parade, Trooping the Colour, at The Mall in London.

The royal voyage to Australia has been scheduled around the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Samoa which begins on October 21, 2024.

In April, a source told The Sun that the King was “supercharging” his plans for the two-week trip where he would also visit New Zealand and Samoa.

King Charles and CamillaKing Charles and Camilla on Broadbeach in Gold Coast, Australia in 2018Getty

The source said: “The King is raring to go after a significant amount of time off due to his cancer diagnosis.

“He's over the moon with the way treatment has gone and supercharging plans for Australia, New Zealand and Samoa.”

The last time a ruling monarch visited Australia was in October 2011 when the late Queen Elizabeth II went to the country.

Charles last visited the country in 2018 when he was the Prince of Wales with Camilla; the monarch has travelled to the country 15 times on working trips and studied for six months at the Timbertop, Geelong Grammar School in Victoria.

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