Princess Kate cancer speculation is 'unhealthy' as royal receives treatment

Princess Kate cancer speculation is 'unhealthy' as royal receives treatment

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 30/05/2024

- 10:01

The Princess of Wales is undergoing preventative chemotherapy for an undisclosed form of cancer

  • Graham Smith, CEO of the anti-monarchy group Republic, spoke about the attention and scrutiny around Kate’s health
  • Smith said that Kate is a “regular person” and should be left alone to recover with her family
  • New episodes of GB News' podcast The Royal Record are released every Thursday

Princess Kate’s cancer speculation is “unhealthy” as the royal receives treatment, according to Graham Smith, the Chief Executive of Republic.

The head of the anti-monarchy group spoke about the amount of public attention that Kate’s health sparked before and after she announced her cancer diagnosis on the second episode of GB News’ new podcast The Royal Record.

The Princess of Wales confirmed her cancer diagnosis via a video message in March following weeks of speculation and conspiracy theories regarding her whereabouts.

Speaking to GB News’ Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker and Royal Editor of GB Svar Nanan-Sen on the podcast, Smith commented on the princess being a “regular person” going through a “tough time” and deserving of privacy.

Princess Kate

The head of the anti-monarchy group Republic said the speculation over Kate's health is "slightly bizarre"


Smith said: “I think that she is on the public payroll and there’s an expectation that she does something in return for the lavish lifestyle.

“So knowing that she has cancer and therefore, that is why she is not around is fair enough.

“But I just think that whole need to get into the private lives of these people is unhealthy.”

As the princess recovered from a planned abdominal operation in January and stayed out of the public eye, conspiracy theories began circulating on social media about Kate’s health.

Cameron Walker, Svar Nanan-Sen and Graham SmithCameron Walker and Svar Nanan-Sen discuss the latest royal developments on a new GB News podcast GB News

Even after the princess announced her cancer diagnosis theorists continued to spread disinformation about her cancer announcement video being fake.

Smith continued: “I think a lot of the speculation was just bordering on slightly bizarre and then there’s also been a whole load of slightly more fawning conversation and speculation about her and sort of putting [her] on this pedestal.

“And she is just a regular person going through a tough time, and she should be left to get on with it with her family.

“And it doesn’t need any more than that.”

Princess KatePrincess Kate announced her cancer diagnosis earlier this yearPA

In her cancer announcement video, the princess said that she underwent a successful abdominal surgery in January 2024, and at the time of the surgery it was thought that the condition was non-cancerous.

But, tests after her operation found that cancer had been present and the princess is now receiving preventative chemotherapy.

No date has been given regarding Kate’s return to public duties while she receives treatment, however, the princess urged that she needed “time space and privacy” to recover.

The King also announced he was diagnosed with a form of cancer in February 2024, but has since returned to his royal duties as he continues treatment.

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