Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte have 'perfect mentor' as future royal spares to George

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte have 'perfect mentor' as future royal spares to George

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 23/04/2024

- 10:26

Princess Kate and Prince William have three children

  • Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte are George's younger siblings
  • Prince Harry wrote his memoir Spare in January 2023 about being a younger sibling of the heir
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Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte have the "perfect mentor" as future royal spares to Prince George, royal fans have claimed.

The word "spare" became a well-known metaphor for the younger sibling of an heir to the throne, after Prince Harry released his memoir last year.

Many commentators have discussed how Prince William and Princess Kate will ensure Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, six, do not end up with the same negative feelings.

Their older brother Prince George, 10, is currently second-in-line to the throne, after his father the Prince of Wales.

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte on Christmas Day with George


Fans took to social media to suggest a mentor for Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, to avoid them harbouring any negative feelings towards the Royal Family.

They wrote: "Princess Anne is the best example of former spares.

"She will guide and perfectly mentor Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis."

Another said: "Personally I think Princess Charlotte will be the Princess Anne of her generation.

Princess AnnePrincess Anne completed the most engagements in the Royal Family for 2023PA

"Quietly working behind the scenes beeping hard, being 100 per cent supportive and always being there.

"Harry is nothing like either. He's like a badly-behaved toddler, even Louis is better behaved."

Similarly, someone commented: "The 'spares' that Queen Elizabeth gave birth to (that would be Anne, Andrew and Edward) managed to go on and have productive lives, without the angst.

"They are all in royal service and, other than Andrew, are highly regarded. Charlotte and Louis will have great lives."

Princess Anne

Princess Anne was dubbed the original spare to King Charles

\u200bPrince Louis and Princess Charlotte

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte attending the Coronation of King Charles III in 2023


A social media user said: "Charlotte already looks very accommodating and servile. Will be another Anne."

Another wrote: "What is it with the 'spare'? First Andrew, now Harry. Hopefully, Charlotte and Louis are more like Anne and Edward."

Similarly, someone posted: "Hopefully by spending so much love, time and energy on their children, William and Kate will break the cycle of the spare.

"Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will be the future Princess Anne and Prince Edward to Prince George and support."

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