King Charles receives adorable cards from admiring young fans: ‘You are a very good King!’

King Charles receives adorable cards from admiring young fans: ‘You are a very good King!’

Watch: King Charles reads cards from well-wishers

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 22/04/2024

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The monarch receives thousands of letters each year from children about saving the planet

  • The King has spoken out about climate change, pollution and deforestation for many years
  • To mark World Earth Day the Royal Family posted images of hand-drawn cards sent to Charles
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King Charles has received adorable cards from admiring young fans who support the monarch’s stance on the environment.

For World Earth Day, the Royal Family highlighted the King’s commitment to a sustainable future on their Instagram page.

The social media post showed letters sent to the King by young people who support his work on climate change and global warming.

One young fan wrote: “We are writing to let you know that we think you are a very good King because you are helping all the animals and plants to survive.

King Charles

King Charles often speaks out about a sustainable future


“We really want to help the environment and keep our Earth wild, we have also planted lots of new trees in our garden.”

At the age of 21, King Charles warned about the dangerous effects of plastic pollution on the environment and has been championing sustainability ever since.

Another young supporter said: “I think you are a very good King and you care about the environment.

“Here are ways to protect the Earth that you should tell everyone about: Turn Off The Tap, Don’t Litter, Walk If You Can.”

Over the years, the King has launched several sustainability initiatives aimed at delivering practical outcomes including the Sustainable Markets Initiative.

Furthermore, in 2010 Charles wrote the book Harmony with Tony Juniper and Ian Skelly, which outlines how to create a more sustainable and balanced world.

The Royal Family receive thousands of letters each year for many different occasions including anniversaries and birthdays.

Following the King’s cancer diagnosis, Charles received over 7,000 messages of support and was photographed reading some of these cards.

King CharlesKing Charles giggled while reading a card showing a disgruntled dogPA

Among these was a card showing a dog wearing a cone over its head saying: “At least you don’t have to wear a cone!”

Many people shared their own experiences of cancer or offered their good wishes and advice for a speedy recovery.

One adult well-wisher told the King: “Chin up, chest out, remain positive and don’t let it get you down. Trust me, it works, but the main thing is family.”

When the public has included an address, they will receive a response of thanks for their cards or letters.

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